GNN Profile Of The Week: The Man Oscar Cooper; His Dream For Liberia -

In 1985, Senator Oscar Cooper moved on to work for a leading construction company, Ecocon as General Manager. From 2009 to 2011, Senator Oscar Cooper served on the board of the National Social Security as Vice Chairman on investment. In 2002 Senator Oscar Cooper established The Idella E. Cooper Foundation, offering scholarships to 150 students at the University of Liberia. Senator Oscar Cooper, Bindu and his brother Dr. Emery Cooper constructed, furnished and staffed a Primary Healthcare Clinic on the family farm. Senator Oscar Cooper, ason of the soil, has spent over three decades living and working in his homeland.

February 21, 2017 13:52 UTC

I-HELP Liberia Project Honors Three Liberians In The U.S. -

Speaking on behalf of the Liberian MOE Delegation, Director Faeflen thanked the I-HELP Liberia Project for the honoring program and promised to take the message to her Ministerand the Liberian people. She also used the occasion to appeal to all Liberians including those in the Diasporas to support STEM Education in Liberia. For the past 11 years, I-HELP Liberia Project USA has been to the aid of Liberian students through the conduct of STEM workshops, including Science Bowl Competitions, Math Olympic and donation of scientific materials to schools. In June 2017,I-HELP will be in Liberia to train about 75 science and math teachers and conduct Math Olympics in Montserrado and Ganta, Nimba County. The I-HELP Team will be headed by Dr. Andrew Obus, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Virginia.

February 21, 2017 13:06 UTC

How Can The Next French President Election Modify France/Africa Relations? -

The French economists who are qualified to carry out such crisis analysis in any event there are disastrous consequences on African countries. The claim of payment by the creditors if the debt is not honored will be the property known as the African countries. Half of these 6,000,000 can positively influence the election of the next President of the French Republic. The new France – Africa relationship under the aegis of the Africans of France united will put an end to the abusive exploitation of the continent. The elected President, Mr. Ouattara, in addition to the existing $ 225 million borrowed more than $ 400 million for the construction of this same bridge.

February 21, 2017 09:16 UTC

Turkish military says 44 Islamic State militants killed in Syria -

ISTANBUL – Forty-four Islamic State militants were killed by Turkey-backed operations around the Syrian town of al-Bab and in US-led coalition air strikes on Monday, the Turkish military said on Tuesday. One Turkish soldier was killed and two were wounded during work to clear landmines and explosives in the area, the army said, reiterating that it had largely established control in the residential areas of al-Bab. The Islamic State stronghold, 30 km (20 miles) from the Turkish border, has been a prime target since Turkey launched an incursion with Syrian rebels last August to push the jihadists from its frontier and prevent gains by a Kurdish militia. READ MORE OF THIS REPORTSOURCE: News Now/ Jerusalem Post/ Reuters(Visited 4 times, 4 visits today)Commentscomments

February 21, 2017 08:55 UTC

New African Interview Alex Cummings, ANC Political Leader -

In this interview with Omar Ben Yedder, Cummings talks about his intentions for the country and his determination to become its next leader. I often say the biggest national security risk to Liberia is the number of unemployed and unemployable young people. I think the next person who leads our country will have to, within all sectors, decide what they want to focus on. In health, primary and preventive healthcare are the areas we will focus on first, even though there are needs across the board. If we make the right choices, they will trigger and have leverage on the other things we need to fix.

February 21, 2017 08:26 UTC

Observer at 36: A Milestone Worth Celebrating

The history of the Liberian Observer Corporation, publisher of the Daily Observer, is synonymous to the struggle of the Liberian state, especially for the past three and a half-plus decades. At 36, the Daily Observer has finally caught up with Liberia’s longest surviving newspaper – the Liberia Herald – established in 1926 by John B. Russwurm. The co-founder and the Publisher of the Daily Observer Newspaper, Mr. Kenneth Y. During his time in that East African country, Mr. Best served as the secretary general of the All Africa Council of Churches. This has been the strength of the Observer,” Mr. Moore noted.

February 21, 2017 03:02 UTC

Dr. J. Mills Jones Helped to Fuel Government’s Failure

"The government has failed," says another Presidential candidate, Mills Jones who also milked the system with his reported US$20,000.00 a month salary plus benefits as Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia. And as Governor of the Central Bank, Mills Jones helped President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to fuel the failure of the government by unlawfully and unconstitutionally diverting "over $10 million" of our money into Ellen's so-called private "development agenda account" at EcoBank. Daniel Woart, the student leader blindly asserts: "Before we could make this decision (to endorse Mills Jones for President), we had a consultation and we did background investigations on ALL of the (Presidential) candidates and Dr. (MILLS) Jones is the best person for this job (of President of Liberia.)" Well, first thing is Governor Jones printed thousands of T-shirts with his picture on the front that he gave away to potential voters/ market people. Next, Mills Jones himself is in the market places giving out money.

February 21, 2017 02:28 UTC

Where Did It All Go Wrong For Liberian Clubs Continental Participation?

Monrovia Club Breweries Football Club have failed to plan and planned to fail as they were eliminated from the CAF Confederation Cup preliminary round on February 19. Mohamed El Hadi Boulaouidet converted a 23rd minute penalty that was contested but center referee Nasrallah Jaouadi was convinced about the infringement. So where did it all go wrong for a team that had the brightest of chances for qualification? However, he spent the major part of his career in Greece, where he played for eight different clubs. Match officials: Nasrallah Jaouadi, center referee; Marwene Saad, assistant referee #1; Mohsen Ben Salem, assistant referee #2 of Morocco.

February 21, 2017 02:11 UTC

UMC Launches Scholarship Fund for Girls

The Liberia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church (UMU) last Sunday launched the Girl’s Scholarship Fund drive named the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Scholarship Fund for Girls in Ganta, Nimba County. The fund, according to Bishop Samuel J. Quire, is in appreciation for President Sirleaf’s numerous achievements, including becoming the first female President of Liberia and Africa. Bishop Quire said the scholarship fund is also in recognition of the President’s immense contribution to the church and the society in general and reminded the congregation that the scholarships cater to the educational needs of Liberian girls. In response, President Sirleaf lauded the UMC family for the honor and promised to ensure that many more school age girls continue to enter the classroom. He launch the Scholarship Fund with US$500.

February 21, 2017 02:02 UTC

Liberian Company Launches Intl Workplace Health and Safety Program

A Liberian-owned Company, the Construction and Mining Contractors Incorporated (CMC Inc), in collaboration with London Professional Training Center (LPTC), UK, and the National Examination Board for Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH), yesterday launched a 10-day international training in Occupational Safety and Health at a resort in Monrovia. Management of health and safety in the workplace, according to Mr. Harvey, is not only a legal obligation and a moral imperative, but also makes good business sense. CMC-Liberia, Harvey said, has introduced NEBOSH, which offers the entity’s International General Certificate (NEBOSH-IGC) in Occupational Safety and Health. “The training is also suitable for those embarking on a career in health and safety,” Selekpoh told the participants. “The first module focuses on managerial issues such as ILO conventions and recommendations, safety management systems, risk assessments, etc.” Mr. Selekpoh said.

February 21, 2017 02:02 UTC


Lonestar Cell MTN has reacted sharply to a story in the Front Page Africa Newspaper, linking it to “Intense Lobbying with the House of Representatives on One Cent per Minute Call”, as extremely unfortunate and a case of bad journalism without fact checking, as required in the profession for a balanced story. Lonestar Cell MTN wants to set the record straight that it is not involved in any discussion with a committee set up by the President and the House Speaker and has not and will not intentionally destroy the economic viability of the Country solely for profit making. It maintained that its Deputy Chief Executive Officer did not lied under oath as being reported in some quarters. At the same time, Lonestar Cell MTN informs the public and politicians that Mr. Benoni Urey as Chairman of the Board of Lonestar, does not run the day to day activities of the Corporation and must not be associated with its operation for any political gain. “Paying Government legitimate taxes must be the bottom line and the concern of all in these difficult times.

February 21, 2017 02:02 UTC

LRA Boss Selected co-chairperson at ATI

Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) Commissioner General Elfrieda Stewart Tamba has been selected as one of the co-chairpersons of the Addis Tax Initiative (ATI) Steering Committee. The Steering Committee oversees the work of the ATI Secretariat and provides strategic direction, in consultation with members. The ATI aims to catalyze significant increases in domestic revenue and to improve the transparency, fairness, effectiveness and efficiency of tax systems in partner countries. In letters to member countries, ATI Co-Chair Christopher Heffernan of Canada said: “It is with great pleasure that we announce key changes to the composition of the Addis Tax Initiative Steering Committee. Elfrieda Stewart Tamba, Commissioner General of the Liberia Revenue Authority, has taken on one of two co-chair positions.

February 21, 2017 02:02 UTC

Daily Observer at 36: To God Be the Glory!

Yet, God had a mission for the impoverished Kenneth Best, but the boy did not know it. He, his wife Mae Gene and children returned to Liberia and immediately started working toward establishing the Daily Observer newspaper. He returned to Liberia in June 2005 and the Liberian Daily Observer was re-launched three weeks later, on June 21. On Thursday, February 16, 2017, the Liberian Daily Observer clocked 36 years of existence. When, by God’s grace, on February 16, 2018 the Daily Observer reaches 37, it will then become Liberia’s longest surviving newspaper.

February 21, 2017 02:02 UTC

APRM Reaches Southeast

The African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) national sensitization and outreach is making its mark in southeastern Liberia. The APRM national sensitization campaign is nationwide, according to communications outreach officer A. Trokon Tarr, to prepare citizens to evaluate the government’s performance. He said APRM is an independent body from outside the country that by June this year will grade the government before the transfer of power to the next administration. He said APRM was organized in March 2003 with Liberia becoming its 34th member in 2011. It now has 36 members with 79 percent of the continent’s population having been sensitized on its objectives.

February 21, 2017 02:02 UTC

National Democratic Institute Fields Team to Assess Pre-Election in Liberia

Monrovia – The National Democratic Institute (NDI) is fielding a delegation from February 20-24 to assess preparations for Liberia’s October 10, 2017 Presidential and legislative elections. While in Monrovia, the delegation will hold high-level meetings with the National Elections Commission, Presidential candidates, government officials, political party leaders and civil society representatives. “The October 2017 elections represent a historic watershed moment for Liberia -- the first peaceful transfer of power from one democratically elected President to another,” said Ms. Carnahan. NDI first worked in Liberia in 1997, providing technical assistance to Liberian voter education and election monitoring efforts. The Institute has maintained a permanent in-country office in Liberia since 2003.

February 21, 2017 01:54 UTC

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