Advocacy Group Provides Entrepreneurship Training in Slum Community

Monrovia - Over 600 vulnerable youths in the borough of New Kru Town have completed basic skills training on possible ways to improve their livelihood. The training targeted youths from five communities especially women who are badly marginalized and challenged economically. The loan scheme will also benefit young people who are expected to form series of units for joint business operation. Kawah in the meantime, said the project is a ‘Pilot Project’ and may be extended in the future. Meanwhile, Kawah wants beneficiaries to take advantage of every opportunity that tend to improve their skills and benefit them.

January 24, 2017 03:28 UTC

Information Minister Threatens State Radio Reporter For Interviewing Opposition

Monrovia - Information Minister Eugene Nagbe was unruly temperamental at the close of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s final annual address, as he rained insults at opposition lawmaker, Moses Kollie and Journalists. The angry Information Minister threatened to dismiss a reporter of the Liberia broadcasting system after the journalist granted an interview to the Representative. Emmanuel Capehart, conducting live outside broadcast for sate radio, ELBC, was seeking reactions from the lawmaker about President Sirlaf’s address. Erupting into uncontrollable resentment about why the opposition was allowed to speak on the state broadcaster, Minister Nagbe rained invectives on the lawmaker who had been asked about his response to the President’s speech, threatening the reporter. Kollie in response to the minister insults said: “For a minister of information to threaten a reporter of state radio for interviewing me shows his limitation and I have challenged him to do that.

January 24, 2017 02:43 UTC

Liberia's President Johnson-Sirleaf Admits Being Overweighed By Corruption

Monrovia – PresidentEllen Johnson Sirleaf has openly admitted that corruption and reconciliation have remained major challenges her government is yet to unravel. Sirleaf said despite stringent measures put in place to fight corruption; it continues to linger in every fabric of the Liberian society. “Nevertheless, our efforts to fight corruption were recognized as Liberia met eligibility requirements for compact, under the Millennium Challenge Account, by consistently passing the rigid corruption index. She furthered boasted of creating more integrity institutions and formulating more laws and policies in the fight against corruption than any government in Liberia’s history. Tubman University in Harper, Maryland County, as the second national university, and constructed new facilities at the University of Liberia’s Fendell Campus".

January 24, 2017 02:29 UTC

NOCAL Train 24 Midwives in Gbarpolu County

Gbarpolu County – A UK-based organization, Life for African Mothers (LFAM) on Friday January 20, 2017 completed the training of 24 midwives in Bopulu, Gbarpolu County. We have successfully trained all midwives in Gbarpolu County. Mr. Bah commended the Gbarpolu County health team along with all the attending midwives who made the workshop a success. LFAM boss acknowledged the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) for the funding, stating without them, “this project would not be possible”. Mr. Mamey disclosed that the partnership is targeting 508 midwives in six counties, with Montserrado and Gbarpolu already completed.

January 24, 2017 01:58 UTC

China Union CEO Vows Continued Engagement With Liberians

Fuamah, Bong County (LINA) – The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of China Union Investment in Bong Mines, Lee Zhi Xiang, has reaffirmed his company’s commitment to remain fully engaged with the people of Liberia despite the numerous challenges being faced by the company. Xiang said his company intends to implement more development projects through its community empowerment programs, but regretted that it is currently unable to do so due to the current financial difficulties the company is facing. The China Union CEO made the statement in Bong Mines, Fuamah District, Lower Bong County over the weekend at a one-day Community Engagement Activity. He assured citizens of the district that China Union will undertake numerous development initiatives in the various communities within its concession area in an effort to foster peaceful coexistence with the community. In response, Fuamah District Commissioner Hampton Giddings thanked the management of China Union for the assurance and admonished the company’s management team to increase its development projects in the district as the financial crisis improves.

January 24, 2017 01:53 UTC

International Judges Association Assures Liberian Judges of Membership

Monrovia - A member of the International Judges Association, Judge David O. Carter, has assured the National Association of Trial Judges that they will be a member of the international body. Speaking at his farewell program over the weekend He said the application done by Liberian judges Association is an assurance that they will be accepted in the international association. He reconfirmed that he will make recommendations to the international body to include Liberia judges association. He expressed hopes that the organization will form a part of the international Association of judges. It is a professional, non-political, international organization, bringing together national associations of judges, not individual judges, approved by the Central Council for admission to the Association.

January 24, 2017 01:46 UTC

Guinea National Assembly President Admonishes Guineans in Liberia

Monrovia - The President of the Guinean National Assembly an equivalent of Speaker of the National Legislature in Liberia is cautioning the Guinean Community in Liberia to be law abiding by respecting the laws of Liberia if they must live in peace and harmony. “You have to respect the laws of this country that is the only way you can enjoy peace and happiness and continue to live happily”, Speaker Kondiano said. Amongst some of the projects, he said, the Guinean National Assembly which once did not have a decent headquarter is now about to have a functional National Assembly complex to provide the space for lawmakers to perform their legislative duties. Guinean Ambassador to Liberia Abdoulaye Dore who organized the ceremony at the Guinean Embassy told the visiting President of the Guinean National Assembly that the Guinean community was overwhelmed to see him visiting Liberia. Ambassador Dore appealed to Speaker Kondiano to use his honorable office to provide funding through the Guinean National Budget for the construction of a Guinean Embassy complex in Liberia.

January 24, 2017 01:46 UTC

I Am Totally Disappointed Over George Weah’s Choice

Good luck Senator George Weah but I am totally disappointed in your choice for Vice President in Jewel Taylor, wife of former rebel-turned President of Liberia, Charles Taylor. The Jewel Taylor factor also raises the spectre of Charles Taylor's prophecy as he flew into exile to Nigeria in 2003. If, and that is a big IF, Jewel Taylor would just be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Does Weah trust Jewel Taylor and the remnants in her husband's NPP who are smelling blood and revenge? Did Mr. Weah factor these scenarios into his choice of Jewel Taylor?

January 24, 2017 01:29 UTC

Ellen Delivers Final ‘State Of The Nation’ Address, Craves ‘Collective Spirit’ Of Three Branches Calls For 2017 Political Forum -

In a related development, the Liberian is calling for a two-day electoral forum with all registered political parties and independent presidential candidates in the 2017 presidential and general elections. She made the call when she delivered her final State of the Nation address before the 53rd Legislature Monday in keeping with the Constitution of Liberia. The program was held in the joint chambers of the National Legislature at the Capitol Building on Capitol Hill in Monrovia. “As we prepare for open campaigning in a few months, I propose a two-day electoral forum with all registered political parties and independent presidential candidates,” the Liberian leader said. Meanwhile, the Liberian leader has announced the extension of free education to grade 12 in all public schools beginning next school year.

January 23, 2017 21:29 UTC

President 2017 Annual Message: “Accounting For Our Stewardship”

Honorable Legislators: It is with humility, gratitude and soulful contemplation that I stand before you this 23rd day of January 2017, to deliver my last Annual Message to the nation as the President of Liberia. These include the National Transit Authority, the Liberia Broadcasting System, the Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation, and the Liberia Electricity Corporation. The health system has been decentralized, with the establishment of a functional county health team in each county and district health officers assigned to each health district. Despite improvements, deficiencies of the health system were exposed when the disease hit us. Your support for dual citizenship will enable our Diaspora citizens to become participants and supporters of our national development efforts.

January 23, 2017 21:23 UTC

U.S. Envoy Shares Experience With Foreign Service Grads -

Ambassador to Liberia, Ms. Christine Elder, has been sharing with graduates of Liberia’s Foreign Service Institute (FSI) ways which, she said, have helped make her professional life successful. Elder also urged the graduates to stay focused to make the most of whatever opportunity, primarily always be willing to learn new things. According to a Foreign Ministry release, Ambassador Elder was speaking at the graduation exercises of the Gabriel L. Dennis Foreign Service Institute (FSI) where 29 emerging diplomats completed a nine-month intensive training in diplomacy and international relations. She told the emerging Liberian diplomats that the technologies which are now relied upon daily to make work easier were not available when she joined the foreign service in the 1980s. She hoped that very soon a building will he constructed and dedicated to house the FSI.

January 23, 2017 21:00 UTC

Russian, Turkish Warplanes Conduct Joint Op Against Daesh in Syria's Al-Bab -

Russian and Turkish warplanes conducted a joint operation against Daesh in Al-Bab in Syria’s Aleppo province on January 21, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday. Three Russian attack aircraft: two Su-24Ms and a Su-34 bomber, as well as two Turkey’s F-16 and two F-4 participated in the aerial campaign. This was the second joint operation by Russian and Turkish aviation in Syria. On Wednesday, the first joint airstrikes have been launched against Daesh in Al-Bab. READ MORE OF THIS STORYSOURCE: News Now/ Sputnik news International(Visited 12 times, 12 visits today)Commentscomments

January 23, 2017 17:11 UTC

Trump nominates former Rep. Heather Wilson to be Air Force secretary -

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump on Monday nominated former congresswoman Heather Wilson as his pick for Air Force secretary. Wilson, 56, graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1982, one of the first women to graduate from the academy after it was opened to female applicants in the late 1970s. The class of 1980 was the first at the academy to include women. Wilson served in the Air Force in Europe and later on the National Security Council through 199. READ MORE OF THIS STORYSOURCE: Star and Stripes(Visited 5 times, 5 visits today)Commentscomments

January 23, 2017 16:57 UTC

‘Fought Liberia’s Battle for 50 Years’ - President Reminds Liberians in Final Message

Monrovia – President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has kicked off her Annual Message declaring Monday that she is proud of her contributions to Liberia and her presidency in the past 11 years. Exercising her final delivery of the Annual Message Monday, the Liberian leader declared: "I am 78 years and I've fought Liberia's battle for more than 50 years". President Sirleaf is challenging citizens to vote responsibly in the upcoming legislative and presidential elections. "We have young people who have never known war", Sirleaf proclaimed as she proclaimed that the national legislature has passed some 400 acts since she the government came to office in 2006. Responding to a wave of recent condemnation of the government’s rigid tax regime, the president said: “High tax concessions must apply and Liberians must be willing to pay their taxes.”

January 23, 2017 16:50 UTC

As Jammeh Departs Gmbia, $11Million Missing from Gambia's Treasury -

Former President Yahya Jammeh of Gambia has been accused of allegedly looting $11 million from the country’s treasury following his exit. Luxury cars and other items were reportedly loaded on to a Chadian cargo plane as Mr Jammeh left the country. The former President Jammeh has not made any statement over the new revelation. Reports said some of the former leader’s goods were in Guinea where Mr. Jammeh had stopped on his journey into exile. Mr. Jammeh is reported to now be in Equatorial Guinea, although authorities there have not confirmed it.

January 23, 2017 16:42 UTC

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