WOMAN TO WOMAN: I aim to make women feel beautiful

By ANGELA OKETCHMore by this AuthorCphie Gitau is an upcoming fashion designer and stylist based in NairobiWho is Cphie? I’m a creative fashion designer and also a stylist. Later in high school fashion shows I would be the queen of putting together lesos to come up with a beautiful designs. An award as the Best African Outfit Designer during a beauty pageant last year tops the list. I have to convince women out there, especially those who lost hope, that they are still beautiful and they can rock.

March 25, 2017 18:05 UTC

MWALIMU ANDREW: My enemies are at it again

It did not take long for it to be known that the entire thing was a high-level scheme orchestrated by my professional enemies. As an original, authentic, true son of Mwisho wa Lami, any forward thinking friend of development will accept that I am supposed to be the headmaster of Mwisho wa Lami Primary. And as it happens in Mwisho wa Lami and its environs, most of the parents sent their children. The maize had continued growing tall and I was informed a few ingenious souls in Mwisho wa Lami were transplanting the maize to their farms. Kuya later joined us at Hitler’s, although some of the key men in Mwisho wa Lami had left already.

March 25, 2017 18:00 UTC

Raila: We have no preferred aspirant

| Updated Sun, March 26th 2017 at 00:00 GMT +3ODM leader Raila Odinga (centre) arrives at Aga Khan Hall in Mombasa. [PHOTO: MAARUFU MOHAMED/STANDARD]ODM leader Raila Odinga has said the party’s hierarchy had no preferred candidates for the August polls and criticised governors pushing for their own lineups. Raila said all ODM governors intending to defend their seats on August 8 will be subjected to nominations and warned that anyone who causes chaos during the primaries will be disqualified. On Saturday, Raila met Kisauni constituency aspirant Ali Mbogo and Mombasa governor aspirant Hezron Awiti’s close ally Jabez Odour. It is only the ODM Elections Board that will issue the certificates, not even the party leader or deputy party leader,” Dr Zani said.

March 25, 2017 17:58 UTC

Four armed pokot bandits gunned down during burial of10 banditry attack victims in Baringo

Security officers on Saturday gunned down four armed Pokot bandits attempting to block the burial of 10 slain banditry attack victims at Mukutani, Baringo South Sub-County. Security officers on alert spotted the daring bandits who were squarely armed before aiming to kill them on them. The funeral ended unceremoniously as the grave was left open minutes after the killings of the armed bandits, with everyone running for his or her life. The victims all identified to belong to Ilchamus community were killed by suspected armed Pokot bandits on Tuesday last week when retaliatory attack sparked out between the warring Pokot and Ilchamus pastoral communities. The attack occurred same day after two Pokot women were shot dead while ferrying in a police lorry on their way to Kabarner town to orphans cash transfer fund.

March 25, 2017 17:48 UTC

ASIAN SCENE: Bollywood honours the best musicians

By ALLAUDIN QURESHIMore by this AuthorThe popular Mirchi FM recently hosted its annual Bollywood Music Awards in India. Kenyan fans of Bollywood music and music makers watched in the comfort of their homes, a recording of this prestigious music awards ceremony brought our way by local cable television providers last Sunday evening. The event titled Royal Stag Mirchi Music Awards attended by luminaries of the Indian tinsel world saw music makers, singers, lyricists and technicians honoured for both creative and musical excellence. Music composer Pritam Chakraborty and lyricist Amitabh Bhattachariya bagged winning trophies for their music score and lyrics of the winning song. The Mirchi Music Awards were judged by a jury of prominent Bollywood veterans who have excelled in their respective areas and contributed a lot to the Indian world of film music.

March 25, 2017 17:48 UTC

MY WEEKEND: Come on! Take that unpaid internship

After the chat, I asked her whether she would be interested in internship at the Nation. Or rather, how many of you in your day were offered an internship without “tarmacking” for it? My third internship was after graduation – I decided that I would not sit idle at home waiting to get a job, the job would get me doing another job, albeit unpaid. This internship lasted almost eight months, but by then, I knew I was being taken advantage of, and so terminated the internship myself. The man was brilliant, went overseas for his education, came back with impressive papers and got job offer after job offer, offers that he all turned down.

March 25, 2017 17:47 UTC

A little place that serves big

From last November she has this little backyard place in Akamba Court down Woodlands Lane in Hurlingham. If you approach from Argwings Kodhek Road (a simpler way than from Lenana Road) Woodlands Lane is a small dirt road – well, a lane – off between the two old shopping complexes in Hurlingham. If you are approaching from Lavington it is the last turning left before the little roundabout at Woodlands Road. If you just Google Nook Café Nairobi, you will find a few reviews. Oh, I should have told you already, the Nook Café is open on only Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.

March 25, 2017 17:37 UTC

Uhuru using underhand tactics to reintroduce old Constitution - Raila

ODM leader Raila Odinga on Saturday took a swipe on President Uhuru Kenyatta for 'using underhand tactics to reintroduce the old Constitution'. "I was shocked when the President said he regrets working under the new constitution, saying that if it was the old one, things would have worked better," Raila said. Raila said Uhuru does not understand that Kenyans no longer treasure the old constitution adding that the same was buried in August 2010. "A governor is not a PC whose affairs faded with the old constitution. Raila said Uhuru’s act of foolishness and primitiveness involving barring of governors who criticize him should be condemned.

March 25, 2017 17:26 UTC

Abandoned with conjoined twins: My two years of hell

Carol Mukiri, 29, has just bathed her girl twins and a nurse is helping to dress them. The once conjoined twins, Blessing Kathure and Favour Karimi, are jovial but attention seekers. Eight months into the pregnancy of the twins, Carol developed labour pains. “I am born in a family with a history of twins, so I wasn't surprised,” she said. Being told her twins were conjoined was more than shocking.

March 25, 2017 17:15 UTC

TB Joshua: Prophet or profiteer?

By ELVIS ONDIEKIMore by this AuthorIn the stock of flamboyant and popular, if controversial, African televangelist, Prophet Temitope Balogun (TB) Joshua is straight out of the top drawer. Prophet TB Joshua took credit for the prediction—never mind the apparent differences in circumstances. In a YouTube video by TB Joshua’s channel, Emmanuel TV, he elaborates why he is always sharing prophecies, however unpalatable. “You will notice that it is all about the popular vote, the vote of the majority of Americans,” he wrote. “As time went on, it became increasingly clear that TB Joshua was not just an ordinary pastor, preaching “ordinary” words and doing “ordinary things”, says a message on the website.

March 25, 2017 17:03 UTC

Only one person can ensure better service, you!

This document, which does not need to be much bigger than a chequebook, should live in the glovebox and represent the vehicle’s “service” record from birth to death. And it would give the existing owner, any future owner, a workshop, and anyone else who needed to know, a truly “full” service history. It will be a small, flimsy card supplied by the workshop at the last service – giving perhaps a few scribbled ticks next to a list of half-a-dozen service items (oil, plugs, greasing and three filters) plus the due mileage for the next service. For that is what most vehicle owners think a service is, and workshops are in no hurry to disabuse them of that misconception. The quality of service you get will never be better than the quality you actively demand.

March 25, 2017 16:52 UTC

Ruto scoffs at NASA’s parallel poll tallying centre plan

Ruto said by planning to establish a parallel tallying centre during the election period was a clear indication that Opposition leaders were in a desperate situation after sensing defeat. He said, “It is only IEBC which is constitutionally mandated to have a tallying centre during elections”. Ruto said the opposition should rather concentrate on having a presidential candidate who will battle with Jubilee’s candidate before thinking of having a parallel tallying centre. Ruto’s sentiments were echoed by Water and Irrigation CS Eugene Wamalwa who said having a parallel tallying centre is a recipe for chaos. But for NASA to tell us they will come up with parallel tallying centre to give different results is dangerous and will trigger post election violence”.

March 25, 2017 16:41 UTC

4 Seriously injured as 10 cars collide in Nairobi

Four people were seriously injured after 10 cars collided on Nairobi's Valley road. Our preliminary investigations have established that the driver of the matatu was speeding," Katana said. According to him, the vehicle that was hit from behind rolled several times in the road colliding with other 9 vehicles that was also headed in the same way. We are yet to verify which hospitals the injured had been taken to as by the time our officers arrived on the scene well wishers had intervened and taken them, he said. Katana said the accident had a great impact involving other cars because most drivers ignore the "Keep Distance Law"He said if the other 8 vehicles had kept distance as they are supposed to, the magnitude would not be as much causing more injuries.

March 25, 2017 16:41 UTC

Maralal OCS accused of threatening revelers with a gun during bar fight

Attendants at a bar in Maralal town on Saturday accused area OCS Solomon Odera of threatening them with a gun. They said the officer entered the bar and brandished his gun saying he would shoot anyone who dared stop him. They said the cop has a tendency of harassing patrons at different night clubs in Maralal town. But Odera told the Star on phone he got information at 3am of an ugly fight between two revelers at the bar. The officer said that some people, including administration police officers, followed him to the station threatening to beat him up.

March 25, 2017 16:18 UTC

Detectives to probe Jaguar's car crash

By NICHOLAS KOMUMore by this AuthorThe Director of Public Prosecutions has told the head of criminal investigations to probe claims of cover-up of crash involving artiste Charles Njagua, alias Jaguar, that caused two deaths. The matter pertains a Wednesday crash that killed two men at Rukanga shopping centre on the Sagana/Makutano highway in Kirinyaga County. The musician claims to be the one behind the wheel but a witness said a woman was the one driving. "From the windscreen I saw a lady on the wheel exchanging the seat with a man. However, Mwea West OCPD Samuel Seurey said no witness has agreed to make an official statement.

March 25, 2017 16:18 UTC

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