Ethiopia Downplays Guardian Report on Doping

Ethiopia Downplays Guardian Report on DopingAugust 13, 2017 - Ethiopian Athletics Federation (EAF) and Gishen Pharmacy downplayed a recent report by the British newspaper The Guardian entitled “Inside the doping hotspot of Ethiopia dodgy testing and EPO over the counter” which was based on its recent investigation that revealed “how easy it is to obtain doping products, uncovers disorganization at the Ethiopian anti-doping agency and catches leading Ethiopian athlete admitting to having taken performance-enhancing drugs”. The report also further explained that a very successful Ethiopian athlete is also caught on undercover camera, seeking a doping product and admitted to having taken the performance-enhancing drugs before claiming one of her biggest titles. Furthermore, the report singled out Gishen Pharmacy and stated that the pharmacy is engaged in selling EPO to Ethiopian athletes without even asking prescriptions. Amakelech also pointed out that, “more than 300 customers visit her pharmacy everyday and if our pharmacists sold EPO without prescription we will investigate and announce the findings to the public in the coming weeks”. Similarly, President of the EAF, Haile Gebresilassie told The Reporter, “It’s defamation on team Ethiopia, and the report mainly focuses on destroying the moral of Ethiopian athletes who are competing currently in IAAF World Championship”.

August 13, 2017 10:07 UTC