Ethiopian legend Kenenisa Bekele to run 2017 London Marathon

Ethiopian legend Kenenisa Bekele tops the list of world-class contenders for the men's race at the 2017 London Marathon to be held on April 23, organisers said on Monday. Bekele missed the world record by just six seconds when he crossed the finish line in the German capital in two hours three minutes and three seconds after a thrilling battle with former world record holder Wilson Kipsang. Bekele made his London Marathon debut last April when he finished third behind the Kenyan duo of Eliud Kipchoge and Stanley Biwott. "London is the greatest marathon in the world and I would love to win there," said Bekele. Also confirmed participants are Bekele's compatriots and Rio Olympic silver medallist and Tokyo Marathon champion Feyisa Lilesa, the 2016 Dubai and Hamburg Marathon champion Tesfaye Abera.

January 09, 2017 13:38 UTC

A global community of 10,000 professionals, 20,000 registered international companies, 60,000 social media followers. 10 million views join Africa’s largest network of CEO’s

Since its creation in 2014, The Africa Business Forum has become one of the most important bi-annual gatherings in Africa and the Middle East. Africa Business Forum presents an invaluable opportunity for investors to connect with clients from across industries and from around the world. Media contact: Ms. Ahlam Khelifa Mobile: +251935402526About AfricaBusinessForum(dot)com: AfricaBusinessForum(dot)com ( and sister website AfricaGlobalTrade(dot)com were founded in 2014. Our aim is to strengthen ties between the business world and one of the world’s most dynamic and fastest-growing regions. Africa Business Forum is home to a global community of 10,000+ professionals, 20,000+ international companies, 60,000+ social media followers and 10 million website visitors.

January 09, 2017 11:06 UTC

East Africa Provides Corporate Updates

East Africa has received confirmation from Shandong Tyan Home Co. Ltd. ("STH") that it has completed legal, financial and technical due diligence and that the subscription agreement to acquire 20 million units of East Africa has been executed. The financing terms include:STH is to acquire 20 million units of East Africa at a price of $0.26 per unit for gross proceeds of $5.2 million. East Africa now has mineral resources defined at both projects in Ethiopia and plans to continue to test priority targets. East Africa has entered into a definitive agreement with an arm's length private exploration and development Company to advance the project. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking information contained herein, except in accordance with applicable securities laws.

January 09, 2017 08:26 UTC

Ethiopian sets yet another year of growth milestones

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January 09, 2017 06:11 UTC

Ethiopian Twins Who Received Free Surgery in DFW Recovering

There's appreciation and amazement upon seeing a pair of twin brothers standing tall. In early December, 16-year-old Markos and Tamrat Bogale arrived in North Texas from Ethiopia battling a severe case of scoliosis. The condition was so severe, Tamrat could not stand up straight. Through a partnership with the Texas Back Institute and Medical Center of Plano, both boys underwent life-changing surgery to correct the curvature of their spines. It was offered free of charge by their North Texas medical team.

January 08, 2017 21:50 UTC

Ethiopia’s Peaceful Uprising is Evolving into an Armed Resistance

The peaceful and popular uprising that swept the country in 2016 is gradually transforming itself into a well-organized armed resistance in various parts of the country. This attempt by the regime has, in fact, backfired and pushed some considerable segments of the society to abandon peaceful resistance and organize themselves into armed groups and confront forces loyal to the regime. In the northern part of the country the rapid development of armed groups challenging forces loyal to the regime has increased drastically. Peaceful uprising or armed resistance? No one is going to hand us our freedom, we have to earn it.”The regimes’ six-month state of emergency that was supposed to restore peace has in fact transformed the peaceful resistance into a formidable armed resistance.

January 08, 2017 21:02 UTC

Britain Ends Millions in Funding For Ethiopia Girl Band

Britain says it has ended millions of dollars in funding for an Ethiopian girl band, amid growing criticism at home of overseas aid. Yegna, sometimes called "Ethiopia's Spice Girls," addresses women's issues in the East African country. The five-member band uses a radio show and music and drama productions to create awareness about forced marriage, violence, teen pregnancy and dropping out of school. The Girl Effect project that launched Yegna confirms the British decision. Chief executive Farah Ramzan Golant says, "New ideas are often resisted and sometimes willfully misrepresented."

January 08, 2017 20:03 UTC

Ethiopia urged to make public charges against detained Oromo leader - EU

The EU has subsequently urged the regime to make public any charges against Professor Merera Gudina. Late last month, Ethiopian security forces arrested the professor who is the chairman of the opposition party ‘Oromo Federalist Congress’ (OFC), shortly after his arrival in the capital Addis Ababa. I urge the Ethiopian Government to make public any charges it has brought against Prof. Merera and I will continue to follow his case very closely. Since January 2016 the human rights situation in Ethiopia has not improved at all. Human Rights Watch reports that security forces have killed more than 500 people during protests over the course of 2016.

December 06, 2016 08:34 UTC

EPRDF May Allow Non-Party Members in Leadership Positions - PM

EPRDF May Allow Non-Party Members in Leadership Positions - PMDecember 5, 2016 - The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) the ruling coalition may have new policy strategies and changes in the bureaucratic arena after the beginning of the new reform that the party says will take place in the coming Ethiopian New Year. In the present reform the party may invite non-party members in the leadership arena according to the PM. “For the sake of the public interest non-party members that shall lead the government system and policy will be included in the government leadership,” the PM said. It will be a new change for the EPRDF culture in the party system that preferred to assign EPRDF and allied ethnic based party members from the ground to top level of the government bureaucratic positions, according to experts. The bureaucratic arena has been dominated by the party members mainly since the 2005 election when the party expanded its members aggressively.

December 06, 2016 04:32 UTC

EU, US Express Concern over Merera Gudina’s Arrest

EU, US Express Concern over Merera Gudina’s ArrestDecember 5, 2016 - The European Union (EU) and the United States is raising concerns to Ethiopian authorities about the arrest of prominent opposition political figure Merrara Gudina (PhD), reports Capital. He was arrested on Wednesday evening from his house when he returned from a trip to Brussels, where he met with EU parliamentarians. “The EU has raised concerns about the arrest of Dr Merrara Gudina with the Ethiopian authorities,” according to the EESA response that Capital obtained from the Delegation of the EU to Ethiopia. He added that the arrest of Dr Merrara is therefore detrimental to the process of reconciliation and dialogue which the EU is eager to support. On Thursday, Mark C. Toner, Deputy Spokesperson of US State Department said, “We are concerned about this report.

December 06, 2016 04:32 UTC

DROI Chair shocked at arrest of leading Ethiopian opposition figure Prof. Merera Gudina after his recent meeting with MEPs

The Chair of the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights (DROI), Elena Valenciano (S&D, ES), made the following statement:“On 30 November Ethiopian security forces detained the chairman of the Ethiopian opposition party ‘Oromo Federalist Congress’ (OFC), Professor Merera Gudina, shortly after his arrival in Addis Ababa. Prof. Merera was returning from Brussels where - together with other Ethiopian activists and the Olympian athlete Feyisa Lellisa - he had had a meeting with MEPs on 9 November 2016. Since January 2016 the human rights situation in Ethiopia has not improved at all. Human Rights Watch reports that security forces have killed more than 500 people during protests over the course of 2016. The European Parliament is aware of the difficult situation in Ethiopia and stresses the need to continue to support the Ethiopian people".

December 05, 2016 17:47 UTC

Mastercard’s HomeSend Venture Wants To Battle The Ethiopian Shadow Ecoonmy

HomeSend, a collaboration between eServ Global, BICs, Mastercard, and the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, will aim to battle the usage of cash in the country. With the Ethiopian remittance market worth US$3.5bn every year, withdrawing in cash is no longer a viable option. The new HomeSend venture wants to address this problem by offering a digital withdrawal alternative. Mastercard Sub-Saharan Africa’s Division President Daniel Monehin stated:“One of the things that drives what we do is this shadow economy; it’s one of the banes of development. As a result, all of the funds is transferred in a digital format, and effectively cuts off the lifeblood to the shadow economy.

December 05, 2016 14:42 UTC

Usain Bolt, Almaz Ayana bag IAAF's Athletes of the Year award

Written byMonaco: Ethiopian athlete Almaz Ayana and Jamaican Usain Bolt have been named as the male and female IAAF's athletes of the year. They performed fantastically in Rio Olympics and went undefeated throughout the whole season. Usain Bolt made his season's best of 9.81s and 19.78s to win the 100m and 200m in Rio Olympics. Almaz Ayana became the third Ethiopian woman to win the IAAF award after Genzebe Dibaba in 2015 and Meseret Defar in 2007. She broke the 10,000m world record that lasted for 23 years on the first day of athletics at Rio Olympics.

December 05, 2016 12:50 UTC

Nile Politics: Eritrea, Sudan Ethiopia, Egypt

The newspapers also stated that Egypt was using Eritrea to pressures Ethiopia. And some reckless Egyptian quarters would not mind using Eritrea as a pawn and agitate for a confrontation between Ethiopia and Eritrea citing the border war between the two countries. That is because Ethiopia has already accused Egypt of sponsoring Ethiopian groups involved in the recent unrest that engulfed the country. Throughout the period of the recent unrest in Ethiopia, Egyptian news media covered the sensational Ethiopian unrest with great zeal, regularly hosting Ethiopian dissidents. Eritrea is considered a Nile riparian country though it contributes only around .01% of the water that flows to Egypt.

December 05, 2016 09:14 UTC

Top 10 High Democracy Index African Countries

Top 10 High Democracy Index African CountriesDecember 4, 2016 - The Democracy Index is an index compiled by the UK based Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), that measures the state of democracy in 167 countries, of which 166 are sovereign states and 165 are UN member states. The table below shows the Democracy Index of the top 10 most democratic countries in Africa, according to EIU. The countries listed above as most democratic generally have high GDP per capita as well as high Education Index by African standards. Ethiopia's GDP per Capita (PPP) is quite modest, by comparison, $1869, and it ranks 28 among 54 African countries in Democracy Index. Sub-Saharan Africa 3,695 Middle Income 10,821 World Average 16,329Sources: for GDP per Capita PPP -- Index:

December 05, 2016 08:35 UTC

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