Arab League to celebrate World Intellectual Property Day on Apr. 23

FILE - Arab League FlagCAIRO - 22 April 2019: The Arab League will celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day on Tuesday, April 23 under the title "For gold we seek: intellectual property and sport".Director of Intellectual Property and Competitiveness Department at the Arab League Maha Bakhit said in an official statement on April 22 that the observance of World Intellectual Property Day is a platform for discussion on the subject of intellectual property rights and their importance in supporting sports and sports institutions. This is in addition to raising awareness about the protection of propertyrights, the commercial fraud of sports products and ways to benefit from trademark registration systems and industrial designs to protect the products.Bakhit added that sport plays a major role in increasing income sources and is a global economic, industrial and investment source in almost all countries around the world through investment in facilities (sports venues and broadcast networks).Therefore, adequate knowledge about intellectual property rights is a key factor for these organizations to make profit and promote the development of equipment and tools that help improve athletic performance and growth of the sports industry.The ceremony was attended by government officials of intellectual property offices in Arab countries and a number of athletes, jurists, researchers and innovators , in addition to representatives of a number of specialized Arab federations and organizations.

Source:Egypt Today

April 22, 2019 13:41 UTC

The very first retail summit ERS 2019 kicks off

Dr. Mohsen Adel, Chairman of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones Authority and Marwan Abdul Razeq, Chief Executive Officer of BiznexCairo, Egypt 22 April 2019: Egypt Retail Summit (ERS 2019), the first retail mega event of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East, was held in April under the auspices of Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation, Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI), and Internal Trade Development Authority (ITDA).The Summitwas joined by leading global retail professionals and experts from all over the world; as it brought together more than 750 attendees, and over 200 CEOs of major companies. The event was also attended by government officials including Dr. Ibrahim Ashmawy, First Assistant Minister of Supply for Investment and Head of the Internal Trade Development Authority, Dr. Mohsen Adel, CEO of GAFI Investment Authority, Ahmed El-Wakeel, Head of Chamber of Commerce, HossamFarid, consultant to the Minister of Trade and Industry for SMEs, and HE. He reiterated that ERS is a real opportunity to transform the retail sector into a major power leading the economic renaissance.“ERS 2019 is a point of change in the Egyptian retail industry. The summit comes in a stage of continuous growth in the Egyptian economy. Biznexalso presents to and supports the decision making process of investors and business seekers a wide array of prospective business opportunities in the market with the proper guidance.Biznex has invented and hosted the biggest investment &business hub in Egypt.

Source:Egypt Today

April 22, 2019 13:18 UTC

We did not receive complaints, foreign media highlighted intensity of turnout: SCMR

Youth standing in a queue at a polling place in Egypt. April 21, 2019. Egypt Today/Hossam AtefCAIRO - 22 April 2019: "The Supreme Council for Media Regulation's Chamber of Operations did not receive any complaints from media covering the second day of the referendum on the constitutional amendments," said Secretary General of the SCMR Ahmed Salim Monday.Salim added that the chamber continues to monitor the commitment of press institutions, media outlets and websites to the rules of media coverage in accordance with the decision of the National Elections Commission.Salim noted that the international mission following up the referendum, which consists of 69 membersand includes 4 international and local organizations, monitored the high participation rates on the second day of the referendum on the constitutional amendments.The referendum on Egyptian constitutional amendments received media attention worldwide, including the broadcast and publication of thousands of news and video reports in thousands of newspapers, television channels and websites acrossthe world.SIS also noted that 549 foreign media correspondents submitted requests for coverage permits, where the National Election Authority granted permits to 548 correspondents, while the organizations that received permits includeReuters, AFP and the Associated Press and newspapers like The Washington Post, The New York Times, Le Monde and The Times of London.Media outlets covered the voteinside and outside the premises of the polling stations and conducted hundreds of interviews with voters, officials, judges, opposition figures and others in about 13,919 electoral subcommittees in 10,878 polling centers and 368 general committees.All correspondents were enabled to practice their profession and facilities were made available to give them access to everything related to the referendum.

Source:Egypt Today

April 22, 2019 12:33 UTC

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