Zebra shark stuns scientists by giving birth without male

The zebra shark, named Leonie, lived with a male partner at the Reef HQ aquarium in Townsville, Queensland between 2006 and 2012. One of Leonie's female pups, Lolly, was moved into the same tank as her mother. In 2014, two years after being separated from the male sharks, both Lolly and Leonie laid eggs. She published a report on Leonie's unusual display of sexual behavior in Scientific Reports earlier this week. Sharks have been known to store sperm from male sharks for extended periods of time."

January 17, 2017 13:38 UTC

F1 team Sauber hires Pascal Wehrlein for coming season - Daily News Egypt

The 2017 F1 grid is taking shape with news that German youngster Pascal Wehrlein will move from Manor to Sauber. Wehrlein had also been linked with the open cockpit at Mercedes after Nico Rosberg’s retirement.The Sauber F1 Team on Monday announced that Pascal Wehrlein would join the outfit for the 2017 season, partnering with Swede Marcus Ericsson at a team that really struggled to compete in 2016. “We are very pleased to confirm Pascal Wehrlein as our second race driver for the 2017 Formula One World Championship,” team principal Monisha Kaltenborn said. “Now I am looking forward to meeting everyone in the team and to tackling the preparations for the 2017 season. That result allowed Sauber to leapfrog Wehrlein’s old team Manor in the 2016 constructors’ championship – scoring two points to Wehrlein’s solitary one secured in Austria.

January 17, 2017 13:16 UTC

Bottas replaces Rosberg at Mercedes, Wehrlein to Sauber - Daily News Egypt

Valtteri Bottas is to replace the retired Formula One champion, Nico Rosberg, at Mercedes. “I am sure we are going to be very close,” the 27-year-old Bottas said at the short ceremony streamed live on the Stuttgart-based team’s website. “I am sure we are going to work as a team.”In Mercedes, Bottas joins F1’s most dominant team of recent years, having won the last three consecutive drivers’ and constructors’ titles. Massa returns to WilliamsMonday’s move was made possible after Bottas’ former team, Williams, announced that they had reached a deal to bring back one of their former drivers. Wehrlein to SauberBottas’ move to Mercedes appeared to be all but confirmed earlier in the day, when Sauber announced that the other possible candidate, 22-year-old German driver Pascal Wehrlein, would drive for the Swiss-based Sauber in 2017.

January 17, 2017 13:16 UTC

Real estate stakeholders affected by Egyptian pound flotation: JLL - Daily News Egypt

The flotation of the Egyptian pound has caused challenges for real estate stakeholders throughout 2016, according to the 2016 Cairo Real Estate overview report recently released by real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). “The Egyptian pound showed signs of increased volatility following the devaluation and in December 2016, it lost 52% of its value,” the report said. The rapid devaluation has resulted in uncertainty and has delayed decisions by both investors and occupants who waited to see where the Egyptian pound will settle in value. The currency devaluation has increased costs of inputs in the construction industry, negatively impacting developers’ cash flows, the report said. The report summarised the highlights of each sector in real estate in 2016.

January 17, 2017 13:10 UTC

Parliamentary Health Committee agrees to hold meetings on development of small medical units - Daily News Egypt

The parliamentary Health Committee agreed to hold meetings in participation with all concerned parties to develop 377 small medical units across 16 governorates in the next period. She added that the aim behind establishing the small medical units was to alleviate pressure on public hospitals in cities and governorates by enabling medical units in villages and remote areas. The Doctors Syndicate has objected to offering the small medical units to investors, arguing that doing so will increase health services’ costs. The Doctors Syndicate also presented suggestions on the optimal utilisation of the small medical units. The syndicate’s suggestion included studying areas most in need of health services, developing the small medical units in these areas, while enabling the private sector to be involved in small medical units in areas that already have good hospitals and turn them into training and research centres in order to raise the quality of medical teams.

January 17, 2017 13:07 UTC

NTI agrees with ETIT to locally manufacture tracking devices - Daily News Egypt

The National Telecommunications Institute (NTI) and the Egyptian Company for Tracking and IT services (ETIT) signed an agreement to locally design, manufacture, and market vehicle-tracking devices. This comes in the framework of the state’s steps to activate the presidential initiative “Egypt, the future,” which was posed by President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi during the 19th Cairo ICT 2015. The president’s initiative aims to design and manufacture electronics in Egypt, as well as to stimulate the IT, communications, and electronics industries in Egypt. The ETIT has been paying attention to provide tracking and technological solutions to manage fleets in Egypt, being the only company licensed to provide tracking services. It also contributes to the reduction of car thefts and helps grow many sectors, such as transport, oil, and tourism.

January 17, 2017 13:03 UTC

Drug-resistant superbugs more widespread than previously known

When an illness-causing bug won't disappear with the usual drugs, patients are given last-resort antibiotics such as carbapenem. Carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae, or CREs as they are more commonly know, are a family of germs that are difficult to treat. "A lot of people have done a lot of really good work by focusing on things like outbreaks," Hanage said. First, the researchers found very little evidence of direct transmission between patients who became sick. In other words, people colonized with these germs may spread them, a la Typhoid Mary, without ever becoming sick themselves.

January 17, 2017 12:51 UTC

Supreme Council for Investment approves establishment of National Council for Payments - Daily News Egypt

According to Amer, the council will work to pivot Egypt towards a cashless community and contribute to achieving sound, transparent financial transactions. The meeting addressed the integrated investment map for Egypt, which Khorshid presented and was prepared by the ministry. The map includes the investment objectives and opportunities available for investment in various sectors, which have been divided according to geographical regions to fully cover Egypt. The president had given directives to complete a vision for investment in Egypt in order to maximise the economic feasibility of investment opportunities and to provide new job opportunities. He also said that the investment map should contain national projects, new communities, the Suez Canal Economic Zone, and the government’s IPOs programme.

January 17, 2017 12:50 UTC

Parliament speaker denies extra-judicial killings in Al-Arish - Daily News Egypt

Parliament speaker Ali Abdul Aal denied rumours circulating on social media outlets that security forces have been conducting extra-judicial killings in the North Sinai city of Al-Arish, a state-run media outlet reported. The parliament speaker’s comments came in the context of discussing an urgent statement by members of parliament representing Al-Arish. “Army and police forces are sacrificing their souls on a daily basis; there are electronic battalions that are targeting Egypt, its people, army and police. Security sources also denied accusations made during the meeting, which claimed that the police detained their relatives and killed them. The ministry said that the perpetrators opened fire against police forces that stormed their residence.

January 17, 2017 12:44 UTC

Russia finalises inspection of Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh airports - Daily News Egypt

A Russian security delegation left Egypt on Monday after a six-day visit, during which the delegation inspected the security measures undertaken by Egyptian authorities at Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh airports, in order to resume direct flights between the two countries. The delegation, which included seven members and took five days to complete the inspection, is expected to draft a report on the security measures in Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh airports. This visit was among several visits by Russian delegations to check on the security measures at Egypt’s airports, amid continuous promises of resuming direct flights between Egypt and Russia soon. Based on this report, direct flights between Cairo and Moscow may resume. Although direct flights are suspended, it did not have a significant negative effect on bilateral relations between Egypt and Russia.

January 17, 2017 12:40 UTC

Finance Ministry fixes value of customs US dollar at EGP 18.5 until end of February - Daily News Egypt

The Ministry of Finance decided to maintain the price of the US dollar used at customs at EGP 18.5 until the end of February, applicable to all imports. He pointed out that the new price is considered fair according to the price of the US dollar at banks. Minister of Finance Amr El-Garhy had said on Sunday that the price of the customs US dollar will be fixed starting February. Customs US dollar is the price on which tariff and taxes imposed on imports are calculated. Companies and importers have called on the government to keep the price fixed to overcome the volatility in prices on imports.

January 17, 2017 12:30 UTC

Daqahleya governor refers 240 hospital employees to investigation over absence during inspection visit - Daily News Egypt

The Daqahleya governor referred 240 employees of a hospital in Mansoura to investigations over unjustified absences, state media reported Monday. The employees include doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and administrative workers, whose absences were discovered during an inspection visit by governor Hossam El-Din Imam, accompanied by the hospital’s general manager. Meanwhile, the governor ordered EGP 500,000 from the public services funds to be allocated to developing the hospital’s magnetic resonance imaging unit and renovating the electrical transformers room, the report added.

January 17, 2017 12:14 UTC

Egyptian-American Dina Habib Powell joins Trump's administration in senior role

Egyptian-born Dina Habib Powell is joining the Trump administration in a senior role focused on entrepreneurship, economic growth and the empowerment of women. President-elect Donald Trump's transition Team announced the position for Powell, 43, who previously served in the Bush White House and State Department. Donald Trump's trouble with women -- an incomplete listPowell will likely play a key role in helping the incoming Trump administration form ties with women, an especially important task following his candidacy. Like Ivanka Trump, Powell assumed a high-profile, powerful role at a young age. During her time at State, Powell connected business leaders with the government to provide disaster relief and worked with college presidents to recruit international students.

January 17, 2017 12:10 UTC

Advocates, MPs dispute Parliament's influence over Red Sea islands ruling

The court nullified on Monday a deal between Egypt and Saudi Arabia that would have seen the sovreignty of two Red Sea islands, Tiran and Sanafir, transferred to Saudi waters. Lawyer Essam al-Islamboly, who later joined Ali in the case, said the ruling cancels any government allegations that the islands belong to Saudi Arabia. However, the parliamentary coalition Egypt's Support stressed the Parliament's right to discuss the agreement on Monday, as stipulated by the constitution. Head of the Legislative Committee in the parliament Bahaa al-Din Abo Shaqa refused to comment on the court ruling, adding that the Parliament will adhere to its constitutional duties. He pointed out that Egypt has not been in dispute with Saudi Arabia since the 1950s, which confirms the strong relationship between the two countries.

January 17, 2017 12:10 UTC

Militant attack on New Valley checkpoint leaves 8 police officers dead - Daily News Egypt

Eight police officers were killed Monday night following a militant attack that targeted their checkpoint located in El-Naqab region near Kharga Oasis. Security forces killed two of the attackers, according to a statement issued by the Interior Ministry. “A security official stated that the New Valley governorate security directorate received a notification on Monday night that El-Naqab security checkpoint was subjected to a militant attack,” the statement read. The attack was reported to have targeted border guard forces securing the border between Egypt and Libya. Additionally, Al-Farafra Oasis witnessed a major attack in 2014, when a checkpoint attack conducted by 20 armed men in vehicles equipped with explosives killed 22 Egyptian border guards.

January 17, 2017 12:09 UTC

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