Egypt to support Libya electricity grid: Electricity Min.

File - Minister of Electricity and Renewable energy Mohamed ShakerCAIRO – 14 December 2017: Egyptian Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy Mohamed Shaker asserted Wednesday that Egypt is willing to provide the whole required technical support to Libya electricity grid and to provide expertise to rebuild the Libyan electricity industry.In his meeting with the head of the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) Ali Mohamed Sassi, Shaker stressed the importance of strengthening the electrical connection among the North African countries and achieving electricity integration with all the Arab countries.He also referred to the challenges faced by the electricity sector during the past period and the measures taken in this field to secure the electricity supply and cover the gap between production and demand.On his part, Sasi hailed the recent achievements in the Egyptian electricity sector and stressed his country's keenness to increase the volume of cooperation with Egypt and benefit from the Egyptian expertise in Libya's reconstruction, particularly in the field of infrastructure.During the meeting, the two parties agreed to form a technical team from Libya to determine Libya's electricity needs and to benefit from the Egyptian experience in the electricity sector in order to support and develop the electricity grid in Libya. They also discussed increasing the volume of cooperation between Egypt and Libya in various energy fields.This meeting comes within the framework of Egypt's keenness to enhance cooperation and exchange of expertise in all fields, as well as its keenness to improve the performance of the national electric grid to cope with the additional generating capacities and increasing electrical loads.

Source:Egypt Today

December 14, 2017 13:18 UTC

Egypt supports reforms in the African Union: FM

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry delivering a speech in the closing session of the Joint Retreat between the Permanent Representatives and the African Union Commission, Wednesday, December 14, 2017 – Press PhotoCAIRO – 14 December 2017: Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry took part in the closing session of the African Union on Thursday. He expressed Egypt’s eagerness to reinforce the working methods of the Permanent Representatives Committee at the African Union in a manner that would bridge the gap in member states’ views to endorse decrees and execute the African policies.The Joint Retreat between the Permanent Representatives and the African Union Commission Working Methods was held in Cairo from Sunday December 10 through Thursday December 14 to review, evaluate, and come up with recommendations on the working methods and strategic partnerships within the African Union.The working methods meetings tackled the mechanisms used to improve the African Union (AU)’s performance to effectively fulfill the interests of its member states. The strategic partnerships meetings addressed strengthening the union’s partnerships with the European Union, Arab countries, China, India, and South Korea in addition to benefiting from the competitive advantage of each partner to achieve development and prosperity in Africa.The minister asserted that Egypt supports the ongoing structural and institutional reforms at the Union, which aims to accomplish governance and empower the African Union Commission to help member states fulfill the goals of the 2063 Agenda. In November, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized a high-level meeting titled “Peace, Security and Prosperity in the Red Sea: Towards a Regional Cooperation Framework,” which was the first of its kind in Africa and the Arab world to address common challenges and opportunities in the region.The commission headquartered in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa acts as the administrative body of the African Union comprising 55 member states. The commission’s members are in charge of different areas of policies.

Source:Egypt Today

December 14, 2017 12:45 UTC

Putin holds traditional year-end press conference

Russia's President Vladimir Putin chairs a session of the State Council's Presidium at the Kremlin in Moscow, October 9, 2012. REUTERS/Sergei KarpukhinMOSCOW - 14 December 2017: Russian President Vladimir Putin's 13th annual conference has kicked off on Thursday in his first major public appearance since announcing he would seek a new six-year term in March 2018 elections.This year, the number of Russian and foreign journalists accredited for the event broke last year's record, with 1,640 journalists expected to attend, Russia Today channel reported.The December 13 event is the last of its kind during his third term in office.Putin declined to discuss the details of his election program during today's press conference but affirmed that the development of infrastructure, healthcare, education and technology is his priority.Putin said it wasn’t his job to develop a political opposition though Russia needs a balanced, competitive political system. He criticized activists for simply condemning the authorities rather than offering genuine alternative policies to people, many of whom were unhappy with the situation in Russia.“Today, there are clear signs of recovery in the economy,” Putin said adding that domestic issues such as health, education, infrastructure and living standards would be his electoral priorities.“Without any doubt, everything must be directed toward increasing citizens’ incomes", Putin further said.He noted that the Russian economy Russian economy is set to grow by 1.6 percent this year while foreign investments were doubled this year and reached $23 billion with inflation and the deficit down as the inflation rate is at its lowest in modern history.

Source:Egypt Today

December 14, 2017 12:33 UTC