Third field army kills three militants in Mount Halal area of central Sinai - Daily News Egypt

Armed Forces affiliated to the third field army managed to kill three militants and arrest three others in a sweeping operation conducted in the Mount Halal area located in central Sinai, the official army spokesperson said on the official Facebook page. The sweeping operation, which kicked off its military actions on 15 February and lasted three days, also resulted in the destruction of a cave that was used by militants as a hiding place. “The sweeping operation inside Mount Halal also resulted in the destruction of six four-wheel drive vehicles and four motorbikes, in addition to the destruction of a shooting area used by the militants,” the statement added. The operation at Mount Halal resulted in the death of three army conscripts and the injury of another four as a result of the explosion of an IED on a mountain road. In 2014, the group declared its affiliation to IS and has launched deadly attacks on army and police checkpoints.

February 18, 2017 14:33 UTC

Expectations of EGX's rebound to continue towards 13,000 points this week - Daily News Egypt

Kuwait Holding Company declined by one cent from 65 cents to 64 cents, whereas Maridive and Oil Services’ (MOIL) stock increased from 25 to 29 cents. The technical analysis report by CI Capital Holding said that the company’s main index has penetrated the area of 12,570 points, targeting 12,000 points and 11,800 points. In the medium term, this decline is considered a correction movement, according to the report, which adds that the maximum expected decline of the EGX’s main index is at the level of 11,000-11,300 points. “It is likely for the thirties stock to move between 12,350 points and 12,900 points. “Liquidity available for traders from selling treasury stocks of Global Telecom are considered an incentive to continue the hike,” he noted.

February 18, 2017 13:58 UTC

WUZZUF joins Alexa Employment Fair in Alexandria this February - Daily News Egypt

WUZZUF, Egypt’s online recruitment website, is joining Alexa, one of the most important job fairs in Egypt, the Middle East, and North Africa. For his part, Mourad Salih, WUZZUF’s product marketing manager, said that this is the sixth time for WUZZUF in Alexa, as it is one of Alexandria’s most important recruitment events. “WUZZUF was able to help more than 5,000 talents find the best opportunities only in last year’s fair,” he added. “We launched a dedicated community page on the website for jobs in Alexandria. In addition, companies can post jobs in Alexandria for free throughout March,” he explained.

February 18, 2017 13:54 UTC

Ministry of Military Production participates in IDEX 2017 with a number of military products - Daily News Egypt

The Ministry of Military Production is set to take part in the 13th round of the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) 2017 held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, between 19 and 23 February. This would be the first time for the ministry to participate in the exhibition with a number of its products manufactured by the ministry’s subsidiary companies. Minister of Military Production, Mohamed Al-Assar, and an accompanying delegation left on Saturday to attend the opening of the exhibition. It is the only international exhibition for defence products in the Middle East. Through the exhibition, companies present their latest technologies in land, sea, and air defence and arms.

February 18, 2017 13:38 UTC

How vitamin D can improve muscle strength

This new study, published in Plos One, suggests that muscles may also benefit from vitamin D, which could help increase muscle mass. Women with healthy body compositions and lower body fat were less likely to have high levels of inactive vitamin D, which is a marker for vitamin D deficiency. No correlation in menSimilarly, lower inactive vitamin D levels were found in women with higher levels of body fat, suggesting a relationship between vitamin D and body composition. Doctors often prescribe vitamin D supplements as vials to take every six months, while vitamin D3 drops can be taken every day. The healthy range for vitamin D levels is considered to be between 40 to 45 ng/ml (100 to 112.5 nmol/l).

February 18, 2017 13:24 UTC

Daily stress can negatively affect sleep, causing more stress the next day

New research has found that daily stressors may be a reason why you might not be sleeping well, and that the poor sleep they cause will also cause worse sleep the next day, creating a vicious cycle that can affect both individuals and their families. This in turn affected the next night’s sleep, with all three stressors linked with a longer time to fall asleep that night. Commenting on the significance of the findings Orfeu Buxton, senior author of the two studies, said, “Sleep plays a central role in our daily lives. A day with less stress and conflict is followed by a night where it’s easier to get to sleep. Having a good night of sleep is more likely to be followed by a workday with less stress and conflict.

February 18, 2017 13:12 UTC

1.6% decrease in index of manufacturing during December 2016: CAPMAS - Daily News Egypt

The index of manufacturing—not including crude oil and petroleum products—declined to 138.69 during December 2016 (primary), compared to 141.00 during November 2016 (final), registering a decrease of 1.6%. A recent report issued by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) on the metadata of the production index of manufacturing and extractive industries for December 2016 showed that the total index for the manufacture of coke reached 31.96 during December 2016, compared to 24.41 during November 2016, an increase of 30.9%, because of the need to cover fuel for iron and steel plants. The report added that the total index of manufacture of machinery and equipment reached 347.70 during December 2016, compared to 320.66 during November 2016, an increase of 8.4%, because of preparations for manufacturers’ adaptations for the summer season. Moreover, the total index of other mining and quarrying reached 103.65 during December 2016, compared to 138.00 during November 2016, a decrease of 24.9%, because of lower production according to the needs of the local and export market. The report stated that the total index for manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products reached 132.72 during December 2016, compared to 137.80 during November 2016, a decrease of 3.7%, because of a reduced demand for products, especially in the ceramic tiles industry.

February 18, 2017 12:59 UTC

Sunday's weather: Cairo cold, warm in Luxor and Aswan

Meteorologists expect the wave of cold weather to continue on Sunday across most of the country, with very cold temperatures prevailing at night, and warmer temperatures in southern Upper Egypt. Visibility will decrease in the morning due to dense mist throughout Lower Egypt, Cairo, the Suez Canal cities and northern Upper Egypt. Low- and medium-level clouds will appear over the northern parts with mostly northeasterly winds, active over the Red Sea. Waves on the Mediterranean Sea are expected to reach between 1 and 1.5 meters in height, with northeasterly surface winds. Maximum temperatures expected on Sunday: in Cairo, 18C degrees; Alexandria, 17C degrees; Luxor, 22C degrees; and Aswan, 23C degrees.

February 18, 2017 12:43 UTC

Plan your meals, eat on time to prevent heart disease

Our eating patterns have changed over the past 40 years and the rule of three meals a day has been abandoned by many. However, planning meals and snack times, and not skipping breakfast are healthy steps we can take to reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Researchers at New York’s Columbia University have demonstrated that when and how often we eat is as important as what we eat. For good heart health, it matters if you eat breakfast, snack and eat on time, says study. The authors of this study recommend intentional eating and planning meals times and content “to combat emotional eating.”

February 18, 2017 11:33 UTC

Getting to bed on time requires self-control with the remote control

Setting a time to switch off the TV before bed can help viewers get to bed at an earlier time, possibly improving sleep patterns and quality, according to new research. Carried out by a team from the University of Michigan and the Leuven School for Mass Communication Research in Belgium, the research involved interviews with 821 Belgian adults about their television and sleep behaviours. “In other words, people have trouble withstanding the media temptation unless they have self-control,” explained study co-author Jan Van den Bulck, U-M professor of communication studies. However throughout the day we use this self-control up, leading to levels being at their lowest in the evening — at the exact moment when many of us are watching TV and we need self-control in order to switch off the television and go to bed. The findings can be found published online in the current issue of Communication Research.

February 18, 2017 11:33 UTC

Apple to announce iOS, Mac updates June 5

The 28th annual Apple developers' conference, WWDC, is to take place over the week of June 5-9, 2017, marking a major opportunity for the company to outline big updates to iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV apps and abilities. Though the week as a whole is directed towards those on the development side of Apple's growing ecosystem, WWDC's first day brings with it key announcements regarding upgrades to iOS, Mac OS, the Apple Watch system software and more. CarPlay, HealthKit, HomeKit and SiriKit have all featured at the conference in past years, the Cupertino company explained in a release. The keynote and subsequent iOS update – this year, iOS 11 – also provide fuel for the fire as analysts, coders and enthusiasts speculate over changes coming to Apple's annual iPhone update – in 2017, the iPhone 8 – which is usually subject to its own September reveal.

February 18, 2017 11:31 UTC

‘Pokémon Go’ getting a new lease of life

"The amazing response to Pokémon GO by millions of existing and new Pokémon fans around the world is remarkable," said J.C. Smith, senior director, Consumer Marketing, The Pokémon Company International. And as well as more Pokémon to hunt down, this major update brings changes and further evolution to the gameplay. For instance, Trainers will get two new berries that can make Pokémon easier to catch or increase a Pokémon's potential value. Though the number of active players has fallen off in recent months, the app's ability to make money shows no signs of abating. In other words, to anyone who was hoping that Pokémon Go had gone, get ready for it to start all over again.

February 18, 2017 11:31 UTC

Angelina Jolie to unveil Khmer Rouge film in Cambodia

Angelina Jolie will unveil her new film on the horrors of the Khmer Rouge era on Saturday at the ancient Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia, a country the star shares a deep affinity with through her adopted son Maddox. He lost almost all his immediate family during the Khmer Rouge years but went on to produce searing documentaries that helped break the silence surrounding the genocide. Despite the prosecution of a few top Khmer Rouge cadres, the genocide continues to be a controversial subject. Veteran foreign correspondent Elizabeth Becker, one of a handful of western journalists to visit Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge era, described Jolie's film as "heartrending". Jolie added that she hoped her film would remind viewers of the need to help children escaping war and persecution today.

February 18, 2017 11:11 UTC

Wilders launches campaign bid to 'de-Islamize' the Netherlands

Geert Wilders kicks off his election campaign on Saturday, promising to ban Muslim immigration and close all the mosques in the Netherlands, hoping a global upsurge in populism will propel him to power. "I want us in government," Wilders said earlier this week, promising to "de-Islamise" the Netherlands with policies that echo, and go further than, those of U.S. President Donald Trump. But even if he does win, Wilders would struggle to form a government since most major parties have ruled out joining a coalition with him. The launch of the campaign for the March 15 parliamentary election, is in Spijkenisse, a suburb of the Freedom Party stronghold of Rotterdam, the port city that is the Netherlands' most ethnically diverse area, with a large Muslim population. A victory for Wilders would boost French ally Marine Le Pen and the right-wing Alternative for Germany, both anti-EU right-wing parties that hope to transform European politics in national elections this year.

February 18, 2017 10:01 UTC

250 Ukrainian travel companies mull attracting one million tourists to Egypt

Representatives from 250 Ukrainian travel companies met Red Sea governor Ahmed Abdallah and South Sinai governor Khaled Fouda to explore ways to attract one million Ukrainian tourists to Egypt in 2017. Tourism sources said that the meeting discussed stimulating and promoting Ukrainian tourism to increase the number of visitors to Egypt destinations and tourist cities. Abdallah said Ukraine is one of the major exporters of tourism to Egypt, especially to the Red Sea governorate. He explained that Ukraine comes second in number of tourists coming to Hurghada; and first in number of tourists visiting Sharm al-Sheikh. He said that the number of Ukrainian tourists rose from 364,000 tourists in 2015 to 425,000 tourists in 2016, an increase of about 20%.

February 18, 2017 09:08 UTC

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