Kelly McParland: Dispassionate coverage of Trump will be hard to find as the media rushes to man the barricades

It’s not hard to discern the good guys and the bad guy in the opening hours of the Trump presidency. “Hints of Sustained Campaign of Protest,” the Times proclaimed hopefully in a report on Saturday’s marches. “Scenes of Protest on Every Continent.” “Crowd Scientists Say Women’s March Had 3 Times as Many People as Inauguration.”Crowd scientists? It already appears evident that dispassionate, non-partisan, boringly factual coverage of Trump’s administration will be difficult to find. He appears congenitally incapable of containing his manifold resentments, and the media world appears to have decided to give as good as it gets.

January 23, 2017 16:15 UTC

WHO on high alert for avian flu

The World Health Organization called on all countries to monitor closely outbreaks of deadly avian influenza in birds and poultry and to report promptly any human cases that could signal the start of a flu pandemic. Different strains of bird flu have been spreading across Europe and Asia since late last year, leading to large-scale slaughtering of poultry in certain countries and some human deaths in China. Nearly 40 countries have reported new outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza in poultry or wild birds since November, according to the WHO. "The rapidly expanding geographical distribution of these outbreaks and the number of virus strains currently co-circulating have put WHO on high alert," Margaret Chan told the start of the U.N. agency's 10-day executive board. The new H5N6 strain causing severe outbreaks in Asia was created by gene-swapping among four different viruses, she said.

January 23, 2017 16:09 UTC

How to throw a dinner party: Efficient shopping tips

If you plan ahead and know exactly what you need and where to get it cooking for a dinner party can be stress-free. I like buying all my ingredients a day before the dinner so that I can concentrate on cooking the day of (it’s what I did for this dinner). Buying everything the day before also ensures perishable items such as seafood or ripe produce will still be fresh the next day. Streamline your shoppingMy mom is the queen of comparison shopping and goes to two or three different supermarkets for produce, meat and seafood. For this dinner, I kept the ingredients simple so I could find pretty much everything at my local No Frills.

January 23, 2017 16:02 UTC

How to throw a dinner party: Pairing the right wines

Find a French bubbly that any host or hostess will be proud to pour. Not bad for an uber-elegant, multi-course dinner designed to stretch over the course of the evening. The effect is all grace and poise — much like Champagne but at a snip of the price. Meanwhile the lifted fruit and light-lively structure segues diners comfortably from the white wine and salad course to the more robust red wine and meat course that follows. For the main 2013 Marchesi de’Frescobaldi Tenuta di Castiglioni, Tuscany, Italy (Vintages Essential 145920 $21.95, 750mL, available in store and online)

January 23, 2017 16:02 UTC

How to throw a dinner party: Creating a five-course menu that feeds 8 for $75

If I’m hosting a dinner party I’m going to be at the table, gossiping and talking trash with the rest of them. When it comes to cooking for a dinner party, I pull out my go-to recipes I know will turn out right, even when I get disrupted by guests asking if I need help. How to throw a dinner party: Here’s how the evening unfoldedI think about the menu well in advance of hitting the grocery store to keep my budget on track. Here’s is the five course dinner menu I landed on for our dinner party of 8. Slice fennel into matchsticks.

January 23, 2017 16:02 UTC

How to throw a dinner party: The alchemy of a good guest list

Coming up with a guest list is the first and most important aspect of planning a formal dinner party. ( Dreamstime )If the conversation is flat, it doesn’t matter how fluffy the soufflé: Your dinner party will be a bust. Perhaps you all worked on a project together (like our dinner party), or there is a cause for celebration that warrants a get together. If your best friend is on the shy quiet side, invite a few outgoing people to keep the conversation lively. If you’re planning to focus the night’s celebrations on a work event or certain topic, keep the guest list to those directly involved.

January 23, 2017 16:02 UTC

How to throw a dinner party: Creating an extraordinary tablescape

(Toronto Star)Stylish table decor for your dinner party can come together easily and doesn’t have to break the bank. With our plan, you don’t need a degree in flower arranging to impress your guests. White dishes are like the little black dress of the dinner table; they look good with everything. Add the silverware Silverware is your table’s jewelry. An all-purpose glass between the sizes of a red wine glass and white wine glass will do just fine.

January 23, 2017 16:02 UTC

How to throw a 5-course dinner party for less than $250

Find out how to throw a smashing five-course dinner party for eight guests on less than $250 -- and yes that includes wine. We brought together experts in all subject areas — decor, food, wine, etiquette and more — to show you how to put your best foot forward, while respecting the reality of January finances. We set a $250 limit to cover five courses of food with wine pairings at a gorgeously staged table in my home. Food writer Karon Liu created a delicious seasonal menu, which wine writer Carolyn Evans Hammond matched to value-priced wines that taste triple their worth. MORE ON THESTAR.COMHow to throw a dinner party: The alchemy of a good guest list ENDHow to throw a dinner party: Efficient shopping tipsHow to throw a dinner party: Pairing the right winesHow to throw a dinner party: Creating an extraordinary tablescapeHow to throw a dinner party: Six points on the fine art of conversationHow to throw a dinner party: Here’s how the evening unfolded

January 23, 2017 16:02 UTC

How to throw a dinner party: Six points on the fine art of conversation

Find dinner party humour in topics like pet Instagrams, personal training confessions and wine bottle mishaps. ( Dreamstime ) Before becoming Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy), The Crown shows the young princess learning how to converse at a dinner party. You, understandably, may not want to go there for your next dinner party. LocalizeBefore becoming Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy), The Crown shows the young princess learning how to converse at a dinner party. At the Star’s dinner party, we found the humour in pet Instagrams, personal training confessions and past mishaps when opening bottles of wine.

January 23, 2017 16:02 UTC

Attention, Curtis McElhinney: How backup goalies can be the difference between making and missing the playoffs

But in any given season, a backup’s performance can thrust a bubble team into the playoffs — or tank that team’s chances. To whom are backup goalies important? How are backup goalies important? Goalies whose teams edged into the playoffs played more and fared slightly, crucially better, while 10th-place goalies played more and were considerably worse. When have backup goalies been important?

January 23, 2017 16:00 UTC

New trade relationship with U.S. may be outside NAFTA framework: Ambassador

David MacNaughton, Canadian Ambassador to the United States, speaks to reporters at a Liberal cabinet retreat in Calgary, Alta. Some new trade deals between Canada and the U.S. may take place outside NAFTA framework, MacNaughton said. ( Jeff McIntosh / THE CANADIAN PRESS )CALGARY — Canada may step outside the three-way North American Free Trade Agreement in new talks with the protectionist Trump administration, says Canada's ambassador to the United States. "It's essential that we get a better Canada-U.S. trade and economic and security relationship," MacNaughton said on the eve of a two-day federal cabinet retreat in Calgary. Trump has promised a new trade relationship with the world focusing on American interests, but MacNaughton said he doesn't think Canada is a focus of that.

January 23, 2017 15:54 UTC

Aziz Ansari labels Trump the ‘Chris Brown of politics,’ and blasts casual racism as ‘lowercase KKK’ on SNL

Ansari more than made up for Alec Baldwin’s conspicuously absent Trump impersonation with a scorching monologue. “Pretty cool to know (Trump’s) probably at home right now watching a brown guy make fun of him, right?” Ansari opened, then addressing Saturday’s worldwide Women’s March. I know it’s been a rough couple of years: Obama, Empire, Hamilton, hit after hit after hit. But you just gotta stop.”“They’re the people who are like ‘Trump won, go back to Africa! Trump won, go back to Mexico!’ Then they see me, ‘Trump won, go back to … where you came from!’ Yeah, they’re not usually geography buffs.”Ansari, who starred as Tom Haverford on Parks & Recreation, also wore and starred in his own Netflix comedy, Master of None, in which he spotlighted the portrayal of Asians on television.

January 23, 2017 15:50 UTC

Imprisoned for 30 years by an evil sect: The child a London cult tried to shape into a ‘model citizen’

Now 33, she spent 30 years in a cult where members were forced to share a pile of charity shop clothes, in dark, drab colours. Balakrishnan was tried and given a 23-year sentence for rape, indecent assault, child cruelty and false imprisonment last year. On rare occasions she was taken out to a shop with one of the cult members, but she never played with other children, or ran or jumped. Group members taught her to read and she is clearly intelligent — but the impact of that lack of love is unimaginable. Over the years, one of Bala’s women, a nurse working night shifts to support the collective, managed to break free with help from a colleague.

January 23, 2017 15:49 UTC

Trump properties face global terror risk with presidency, experts warn

Trump becoming America’s 45th president presents a unique challenge given the range of his international business interests. Asked about security issues, the Trump Organization said in a statement it has “extensive protocols in place at our Trump-owned and -managed properties” in the United States and abroad. While Trump has said he will put his business assets in a trust and hand over management control of his company to his two adult sons and a longtime Trump Organization executive, it’s still his name on the projects. That would include his sons Eric and Donald Jr., who will run the Trump Organization under the plan announced by the president at a news conference last week. Already, the Secret Service and the New York police have provided security in and around Trump Tower in Manhattan as the president lives and works there.

January 23, 2017 15:45 UTC

‘Determined’ two-time Olympic medallist Roseline Filion announces retirement from diving

CALGARY – Good thing Roseline Filion never listened to the litany of reasons why she would never become an Olympic diver. At 29, Filion officially announced her retirement late Sunday night as a two-time Olympic bronze medallist and three-time world championship medallist in the 10-metre synchro. The Olympic test event was just two months away, and Filion needed to finish top-18 in the preliminaries to secure a second spot for Canada in the individual 10-metre platform. On one good foot, Filion somehow competed at the test event and locked down that sport for Canada. In Rio, Filion and Benfeito needed a monster final dive to vault over Great Britain and North Korea from fifth place to third.

January 23, 2017 15:41 UTC

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