(CNN) The rumors of House Speaker Paul Ryan's looming demise are exaggerated -- at least according to the very members who would be responsible for throwing him out earlier than his planned January departure. "This 'Throw Paul Ryan overboard,' it doesn't make any sense to me," said Republican Study Committee Chairman Mark Walker, a conservative North Carolina Republican. "He's the best spokesperson we have," said Rep. Ryan Costello, a Republican from Pennsylvania who is also retiring at the end of this Congress. If Ryan leaves, the problems of the conference aren't instantly resolved, they only become the next leader's battles. "At this point, that's something for Speaker Ryan and members of Congress to make that determination, not something that the White House has weighed into at this point," Sanders told reporters.

May 23, 2018 00:22 UTC

Restaurant chain fresh&co has issued an apology and changed the name of its new “Miso Lucky Bowl” after many on Twitter accused the company of racism. WHOLE FOODS’ YELLOW FEVER RESTAURANT SLAMMED AS 'UNAPPETIZING AND RACIST'Last Tuesday, the healthy food chain came under fire after Twitter user Martin Hui posted a picture of the restaurant’s new menu item, the “Miso Lucky Bowl.”“Hey @freshandconyc — it’s 2018 and casual racism isn’t cool anymore. "the fresh&co team were not aware of the historical implications and are so thankful that you flagged them. Rest assured that this will not happen again,” the statement to Insider read. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE FOX LIFESTYLE NEWSThe bowl has been taken off the fresh&co website.

May 23, 2018 00:20 UTC

NFL owners, during a meeting Tuesday, reportedly considered a new punishment for players who choose to kneel during the national anthem: a 15-yard penalty against the team. HOW NFL NATIONAL ANTHEM PROTESTS HAVE EVOLVED SINCE KAEPERNICKThe report did not indicate who made the proposal, and it was unclear how much support or opposition it received. The proposal would represent a notably different response from the NFL after a wave of national anthem protests, which were started by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. During the 2016-2017 NFL season, Kaepernick started kneeling during the anthem as part of a protest against police brutality. NFL players reportedly defended Kaepernick and slammed league owners during an October meeting in New York City, demanding to know why the former 49ers player was, they believed, being blackballed.

May 23, 2018 00:16 UTC

Univision is owned by a consortium of private equity owners and Los Angeles billionaire Haim Saban who bought the Spanish-language media company in 2007 for more than $13 billion — a leveraged buyout at the top of the market that left the company drowning in debt. In 2015, the company unveiled plans for a public offering that would have allowed Saban Capital and the other private equity firms to finally begin an exit. But then, the challenges of the larger media sector began to worry investors.

May 23, 2018 00:12 UTC

Lt. Col. Amy McGrath, a retired Marine fighter pilot who launched a long-shot bid for Congress with a viral campaign video, won Tuesday’s Democratic primary in Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District. McGrath’s primary opponent, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray, called McGrath to concede the race just two hours after polls closed, McGrath campaign manager Mark Nickolas told HuffPost. Gray’s campaign manager confirmed the concession call to the Lexington Herald-Leader. McGrath and Gray hardly differed on the issues. But McGrath seems to have tapped into the same thirst for new political faces that has pushed newcomers ― especially women ― to victories in Democratic primaries across the country this year.

May 23, 2018 00:11 UTC

A relative of a gay man found badly injured near train tracks in California says his family is angry authorities are looking at the possibility of attempted suicide. “They keep trying to push the narrative that he jumped from the train, but we believe he was attacked and this might’ve been a hate crime,” Austin Sailas told HuffPost on Tuesday. His cousin, 22-year-old Aaron Salazar, is hospitalized in Reno, Nevada, where he’s in a coma. “He has brain injuries, a broken pelvis and a mysterious burn on his crotch,” Sailas said. He’s young, he’s strong and he’s been fighting to wake up, so there’s hope.”Salazar, an economics major at Portland State University, was on an Amtrak train on May 15, traveling from Colorado to Portland.

May 22, 2018 23:48 UTC

Each week, Seacrest boasted about how many votes had poured in. But it made us wonder who exactly was voting. This year's top 10 was an extremely impressive group rich in diversity — both in terms of ethnicity and talent. Yet there seemed to be a massive disconnect, considering how the people of color were the first to go. Sure, it's up to the viewing audience, but it was startling enough to cause a judges' intervention, an online backlash and be the subject of interviews for contestants.

May 22, 2018 23:47 UTC

WASHINGTON—Lawmakers are moving to thwart Trump administration efforts to ease restrictions on Chinese telecommunications giant ZTE Corp. and other sensitive technology, citing fears the positions would compromise national security in the latest twist in trade negotiations between the world’s largest economies. The Senate Banking Committee unanimously approved legislation on Tuesday that would tighten national-security reviews of Chinese technology deals by the interagency Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S., strengthen...

May 22, 2018 23:35 UTC

Our people are great,” Mr. Trump told the appreciative crowd. In a town-hall-style meeting during the campaign, Mr. Trump said that if abortion were outlawed, he believed women who had them should be punished. Later, Mr. Trump acknowledged that he had misspoken under intense questioning by Chris Matthews of MSNBC, but complained that his answer, however inartful, was unfairly made to be a big news story. Once in office, Mr. Trump embraced a conservative agenda aimed at imposing new and tougher restrictions on abortions. Days after his inauguration, Mr. Trump appointed Neil M. Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, making good on a campaign promise to appoint an anti-abortion justice.

May 22, 2018 23:31 UTC

Archaeologists made a gruesome discovery when they unearthed an ancient burial site filled with thousands of bones — later identified as victims of a battle fought 2,000 years ago in northern Europe between "barbarian" Germanic tribes. The skeletal remains gave officials a clearer picture of little-known post-battle rituals in the Iron Age, revealing what winning sides did with fallen soldiers' bodies after the war. "This was barbarian-on-barbarian," Princeton University archaeologist Peter Bogucki, who did not contribute to the study, told National Geographic. Bogucki believes the bodies were moved from the battlefield and transported into the nearby shallow lake several months later. "The Alken Enge find is exceptional of the period, but it anticipates the comprehensive postbattle weapon depositions from the second to fifth centuries AD in Northern Germania," the study concluded.

May 22, 2018 23:26 UTC

(CNN) When police in Winfield, Kansas, pulled Rudy Samuel over, the 31-year-old felt he had done nothing wrong. "Officer says I failed to put my signal light on within a hundred feet," he says to the camera. The video, shot on May 13, begins after Samuel provides Winfield police officers with his license and registration. When the two policemen approach Samuel's car again, they offer a different reason for the traffic stop. "Hey Mr. Samuel, what caught my attention was this vegetation stuff right here," one of them says, pulling something from the seal of the car's driver's-side window.

May 22, 2018 23:26 UTC

The apparent lack of security concerning President Donald Trump’s communications, meanwhile, hardly got any attention on Capitol Hill this week. The latter has a camera and microphone — features that security experts warn can be exploited by hackers. According to the report, the GPS location trackers on both of Trump’s devices have been deactivated. But he has reportedly gone for as long as five months without getting his Twitter phone checked by security experts, posing additional risks of hacking. Most Republicans who spoke to HuffPost about Trump’s phone use on Tuesday said they were not aware of or had not yet read a Politico report concerning his cellphones.

May 22, 2018 23:22 UTC

And now even Apple is giving us clues about this…The eagle-eyed 9to5Mac spotted Apple has suddenly slashed the price of its USB-C to Lighting Cable by almost 25%. Firstly, with a $100 price cut, and secondly saving users $75 by including fast charging in the box. What price does Apple charge users for the bundled USB-A to Lightning cable if they want to buy it separately? So Apple is aligning the price for fast charging cables with what it asks for the slow charging cables which currently ship with iPhones and iPads. Apple is actually shipping an all-new USB-C to Lightning cable as the part number has changed from MK0X2AM to MQGJ2AM.

May 22, 2018 23:15 UTC

“The FBI’s initial assessment is that programming errors resulted in significant over-counting of mobile devices reported,’’ the FBI said in a statement Tuesday. The bureau said the problem stemmed from the use of three distinct databases that led to repeated counting of phones. Privacy groups such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation argue that encryption prevents crime by protecting people’s data from hackers. The FBI’s conduct in the San Bernardino case also called into question the accuracy of officials’ statements on the encryption issue. Such a giant leap in locked phones could not be explained by changes in technology or criminal behavior, those critics reasoned.

May 22, 2018 23:14 UTC

The American Civil Liberties Union is fighting to end the monthslong detention of an undocumented gay man by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Pennsylvania. On Tuesday, the ACLU of Pennsylvania filed a legal complaint in federal district court, asking the judge to order the release of Jose “Ivan” Nuñez, a Mexican man held by ICE since Jan. 31. ICE officials “stormed into the room,” as the ACLU put it in its release, and detained Nuñez ― and have been holding him at York County Prison outside of Philadelphia ever since. Nuñez left the country briefly that year to attend to his sick mother in Mexico, according to the ACLU filing. Nuñez later unlawfully re-entered, still fearing for his life for being gay in Mexico.

May 22, 2018 23:03 UTC