ParamountAs noted by The Hollywood Reporter yesterday, Paramount/Viacom Inc. has pulled the seventh Transformers movie from its schedule. Two years later, Transformers has gone from Paramount's crown jewel to a franchise facing... wait for it... an age of extinction. Paramount's Transformers: The Last Knight earned just $130 million domestic (compared to Age of Extinction's $240m in 2014 and Dark of the Moon's $353m in 2011). Now if the prequel does gangbusters business, then perhaps the franchise will just reboot itself using Bumblebee as the starting point. Love it or hate it, Michael Bay's first Transformers was a kind of groundbreaking blockbuster franchise offering.

May 24, 2018 18:56 UTC

And there is a fix for this issue: Contribute to a parent-owned 529 plan. Be sure to check with the financial company managing the 529 plan to make sure you can transfer ownership. The myth that investing in a certain state’s 529 plan limits where a student can go to college just won’t die. Look under the “529 plan” tab on the homepage. “Be careful about using retirement plan accounts for college,” Young said.

May 24, 2018 18:56 UTC

WASHINGTON—Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell threw cold water on the idea of holding a fresh Senate vote on immigration legislation if the House passes a measure, saying he had no desire to spend time on bills that are bound to fail. “We have to make law—not just spin our wheels,” the Kentucky Republican said in an interview. The comments...

May 24, 2018 18:55 UTC

But when Tassi, the goat she raised with her business partner, Jason Lewis, gave birth to twins in the midst of a goat yoga session in Suwanee, Ga., on Sunday afternoon, she was delighted. Ms. Kibby and Mr. Lewis run Red Wagon Goats, a goat yoga business based in Stone Mountain, Ga. (Ms. Kibby teaches the yoga.) They knew that Tassi was going to give birth soon. Red Wagon Goats was holding a goat yoga fund-raising event at one of city’s parks on Sunday, when Tassi — named for the Tassili n’Ajjer site in Algeria — began to paw the ground, looking for a place to nest. Mr. Lewis picked her up, intending to take her to a trailer where she could give birth more privately, when she began to deliver.

May 24, 2018 18:49 UTC

The abrupt cancellation of the scheduled summit between President Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un raises the obvious question beyond the future of relations between the two countries. [President Trump cancels summit with North Korea]From the time of his candidacy, Trump insisted that being unpredictable was a central attribute of his approach to problems and negotiations. President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The president appeared to take at face value that the North Korean leader was ready to sign away his nuclear arsenal — but in return for what was unclear. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who made the transition from the CIA to Foggy Bottom as the summitry was in process, is the one administration official who spent time with the North Korean leader.

May 24, 2018 18:47 UTC

As a novel (in 1967) and a film (in 1975), “Picnic at Hanging Rock” had a couple of features that could be problematic in 2018. Even worse, by current standards, the instigating mystery — the disappearance of three boarding-school girls and one of their teachers during a hike up Hanging Rock, an actual geological feature near Melbourne — was left unsolved. So what were the creators of a new, six-episode “Picnic at Hanging Rock,” made for Australian television and streaming on Amazon beginning Friday, to do? We’ve taken a look at this thing and changed our minds.) The evidence suggests they couldn’t settle on one answer to that question.

May 24, 2018 18:45 UTC

REUTERS/Aly SongFollowing threats of a trade war and new tariffs, the United States and China appear to have agreed on a framework for a trade agreement. Earlier this week I spoke with Deborah Lehr, the CEO of Basilinna, a close colleague of mine with deep expertise in China. Lehr led U.S. negotiations with China across all major sectors as a deputy assistant U.S. trade representative during the Clinton Administration. At the same time, China has encouraged its companies to invest overseas while protecting important sectors for foreign competition. Second, regarding intellectual property: China has reinstated the State Intellectual Property Rights Office to help strengthen IPR protections while at the same time announcing that China will no longer require tech transfer as a condition of establishment.

May 24, 2018 18:45 UTC

One of the country’s most ambitious liberal campaign groups is endorsing five “game-changing” Democratic candidates for governor — three of them in races where better-funded candidates have grabbed hold of the popular “progressive” label, to the consternation of activists on the ground. “We looked for candidates who’d use their platforms to turn states into models of progressive government,” said PCCC co-founder Stephanie Taylor. Shortly after Nixon said the state should legalize marijuana, Cuomo endorsed national legislation to decriminalize the drug. “The truth is the governor isn’t a progressive, and he knows it,” Nixon said at a news conference at the start of the convention. The organization counts 58,000 members in New York, more than 44,000 in Florida and more than 22,000 in Michigan.

May 24, 2018 18:43 UTC

What happened next – as Slabinski decided to mount another operation to rescue fellow SEAL Roberts – remains a matter of dispute. Flying back to the mountain, Slabinski also thought of his then-6-year-old son. But Slabinski’s SEAL team continued to take punishing fire from the Al Qaeda fighters. Special operations forces who have seen the video tell Fox News they now believe Chapman fought on after the SEAL team retreated. Asked if he thought Chapman survived after his team left the mountain, Slabinski replied: “That wasn't what I experienced.

May 24, 2018 18:37 UTC

Since it's Far Cry it will almost certainly be a pretty wacky take on Vietnam, though the first trailer doesn't give off that vibe. The best Far Cry DLC was Blood Dragon, but that was a stand-alone expansion. Still, if Blood Dragon was the 80s' neon action movie version of Far Cry, maybe Hours of Darkness will be the Tropic Thunder version of Far Cry. If you own Far Cry 5 and the season pass you can fire this up on June 5th. Read my review of Far Cry 5 here.

May 24, 2018 18:33 UTC

Nicolas Maduro was sworn in as Venezuela's president-elect on Thursday, months before he's due to formally take the oath of office next year for a second term. Falcon rejected the vote and called for a new election, accusing Maduro of buying votes of the poor by offering prizes. In the days following the election, Maduro has expelled two top U.S. diplomats from Venezuela, drawing an equal response from Washington. Venezuela's opposition coalition blasted the swearing-in ceremony coming on the heels of what it considers a fraudulent election.? "Two illegitimacies don't cancel out each other," the coalition said in a statement, demanding Maduro's government respect Venezuela's constitution and its people.

May 24, 2018 18:30 UTC

Mr. Trump agreed to the summit in March without requiring any action by the North Korean ruler, or even a clear statement of his intentions. White House officials said the North Korean statement that Mr. Trump reacted to was merely the last straw in a series of negative actions. North Korea canceled a planned meeting with South Korea last week and failed to answer U.S. inquiries about summit planning. That is how previous deals with North Korea have been structured. Instead Mr. Trump has impulsively blown up the process — with potential consequences that he and his administration have not bothered to calculate.

May 24, 2018 18:25 UTC

But "at some point," the lawsuit claims, the restaurant stopped "separately displaying these products for purchase on menus, and currently lists the availability of Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese." McDonald’s lists the ingredients of the Quarter Pounder with Cheese on its website, which include a quarter-pound 100 percent beef patty, sesame seed bun, pasteurized process American cheese, ketchup, pickle slices and onions. It also lists nutritional info for a Quarter Pounder without Cheese, though it doesn’t specify prices for the two. The advertised Quarter Pounder burger comes with cheese. We try to accommodate our customers’ requests by allowing them to customize their orders, such as a Quarter Pounder with no cheese."

May 24, 2018 18:22 UTC

After a meteoric rise in home values in the retirement and recreation community situated in central Oregon, Bend was hit hard when the housing market crashed in 2008. As he stared at his own heavy debts, Adams knew what his attorney would recommend—declare bankruptcy and move on. When the housing market is booming, it is easy to mask efficiency issues. Adams felt strongly that builders who became more efficient would stay in business, those who don’t won’t survive. To achieve this goal, Adams was determined to “datafy” everything within his construction business by following three key steps.

May 24, 2018 18:11 UTC

As a reminder, the black players were never protesting the flag or the anthem itself. The NFL said that it was “honored to work with its players to drive progress” on social issues. The NFL’s plantation-style politics are trickling down into our nation’s educational system. Read more:All Colin Kaepernick ever did was askThere would be no NFL without black players. Jerry Jones saying players will stand is really about keeping black people in their placeCartoon: The NFL plays head games over taking a knee

May 24, 2018 18:07 UTC