The mother suspects foul play, and insists her daughter would never have killed herself. (Photo by Chakkrapan Natanri)KHON KAEN: The mother of a 26-year-old woman reported to have hanged herself after being rescued from forced prostitution in Malaysia has called on authorities to launch an investigation, saying she suspects foul play in her daughter's death. She told her family he would find her work as a waitress at a restaurant owned by Thais in Malaysia. After being rescued, Thanya called her family, saying she would return home soon. The mother also said Thanya also told her she was physically assaulted by a woman at the shelter.

May 25, 2018 06:33 UTC

Mr Trump said Johnson had served 10 months in prison "for what many view as a racially-motivated injustice". Mr Trump had tweeted in late April that Stallone, a longtime friend, had brought Johnson's story to his attention in a phone call. At one point, Mr Trump jokingly asked Mr Lewis whether he could "take Deontay in a fight'' if he really started working out. Mr McCain, who is often at odds with Mr Trump, praised him late Thursday for the pardon. But Mr Trump has shown a willingness to work around the DOJ process in the past.

May 25, 2018 06:22 UTC

President Wiwat Hemmanatharop said the company planned to introduce new products in the automotive parts market to help increase sales. “The lubricant-container market is starting to recover and we are planning to rent a factory in China and try to double sales in China next year,” he said. “This will help strengthen our earnings performance significantly.”

May 25, 2018 06:11 UTC

It was recognised for Best Service Provider Cash Management in Thailand (an award it also won last year), Best Service Provider: E-Solutions Partner in Thailand, and Best in Treasury and Working Capital-LLCs. Accepting the awards were executive vice president Silawat Santivisat, first senior vice president Kitiya Rerkpooritat and executives of the Cash Management Department.

May 25, 2018 06:11 UTC

DSI deputy chief Pol Lt Colonel Prawuth Wongsinil said the department was waiting for the police to hand over responsibility for the case. He said the Land Department in 2003 revoked CPK’s Nor Sor Sam Gor (NS-3K) certificates of land use and officials who issued the document had been punished. Prawuth said the DSI would investigate the origin of the SK-1 certificates the firm used to apply for NS-3K status because there were suspicions about the processing. They are directors of CPK International, as is Premchai, and appeared before police earlier this month to answer charges of forest encroachment. Premchai does not have signatory power at CPK and is not directly involved in this case.

May 25, 2018 05:53 UTC

The Foreign Ministry (Wisma Putra) said in a statement on Friday that Malaysia remained resolute in the pursuit to prosecute those responsible for the act. “We will study the findings contained in the report carefully,” Wisma Putra said. Wisma Putra said that as a member of the JIT, Malaysia expressed its gratitude for all the hard work of the JIT members that had enabled critical information regarding the tragic incident to be established. Wisma Putra said Malaysia had consistently called for and supported a fully transparent, independent and exhaustive investigation process. “We owe it to them to do everything possible to bring closure to this tragic incident,” Wisma Putra said.

May 25, 2018 05:48 UTC

That applies to Grab and other services based on phone applications, as well as many regular motorcycle-taxis. Yellow plates indicate the vehicle is licensed for public transport. He said the department would soon consult relevant parties regarding a ministerial regulation covering app-based taxi services to ensure they cannot take advantage of customers. Saying the government wanted to encourage the use of both kinds of motorbike-taxi services, Manas insisted only that the riders have a public transport licence and proper licence plate. He suggested that regular motorcycle-taxi riders register with the app-based services so they’d get more customers.

May 25, 2018 05:48 UTC

Phuket international airport. (Bangkok Post file photo)The board of Airports of Thailand has approved construction of second airports for Chiang Mai and Phuket with a combined planned investment of 120 billion baht. Ban Thi district in neighbouring Lamphun province has been earmarked as the site for Chiang Mai's second airport, and tambon Khok Kloi in Phangna province's Takua Thung district for the second Phuket airport. The two sites are each about 20-30km away from the existing airports. AoT board chairman Prasong Phunthanet said the planned second airports would cater to the rising number of visitors to these destinations and ease overcrowding at the existing airports.

May 25, 2018 05:26 UTC

A fresh market in Sungai Kolok, Narathiwat province. Under the Golden Triangle development project, the city will be transformed into a trade hub for business with Malaysia. The districts are: Sungai Kolok in Narathiwat province, Betong in Yala and Mae Lan in Pattani. In the three districts where conditions are deemed more promising, the Internal Security Operations Command will apply the Internal Security Act instead. The slight relaxation of security in the three districts is intended to facilitate local economic development initiatives under the government's Golden Triangle development project.

May 25, 2018 05:03 UTC

At one empty apartment, officers found 35 bags stuffed with cash valued at 114 million ringgit. "We have sat together with bank officials to tally and estimate the total cash seized," Mr Singh said. Mr Singh said the empty apartment in Pavillion Residences, in the Bukit Bintang neighbourhood of Kuala Lumpur, did not belong to any of Mr Najib's family members. Mr Singh said half a million ringgit, excluding foreign currency, was found at Mr Najib's home. Mr Najib, who led the country for almost a decade, has consistently denied any wrongdoing.

May 25, 2018 04:58 UTC

Clothes and belongings of a 19-year-old man believed to have died from the effects of diet pills scattered across the floor inside his fifth floor apartment room in Samut Prakan. His clothes and belongings were scattered across the apartment room floor. Arthit Yuphaking, 23, the dead man’s friend, said the young man had no chronic illnesses. He opened the door with a spare key from the apartment building's owner and found the body inside. Police said it appeared the young man suffered a major trauma, collapsed on the floor and died.

May 25, 2018 04:41 UTC

The Irish government has proposed that if the eighth amendment is repealed, abortion will be allowed up to 12 weeks and between 12 and 24 weeks in exceptional circumstances. The eighth amendment to the Irish constitution was installed following a 1983 referendum which approved outlawing abortion. The Irish government has proposed that if the eighth amendment is repealed, abortion will be allowed up to 12 weeks and between 12 and 24 weeks in exceptional circumstances. Gavin Boyne, 20, a philosophy student wearing a pink hoodie from the Love Both pro-life movement, said he owed his life to the eighth amendment. If the eighth amendment wasn't there in 1998, I wouldn't be here today," he said.

May 25, 2018 03:45 UTC

Each new airport is budgeted at Bt60 billion, said AOT president Nitinai Sirismatthakarn, with construction beginning in 2019 and completed no later than 2025. Though named Second Chiang Mai International Airport, the facility would be built in Lamphun’s Ban Thi district. And the Second Phuket International Airport would l be built in Phang Nga’s Ban Khok Kruad district. The new airports would be about 20 to 30 kilometres distant from the first airports, Nitinai added.

May 25, 2018 02:48 UTC

Phra Buddhga Isra, abbot of Wat Omnoi, and five senior monks from Wat Sa Ket, Wat Sam Pnraya and Wat Samphanthawongsaram were arrested on Thursday. The five other monks were arrested on charges of corruption. Monks cannot be put in jail before being defrocked. They arrived at the remand prison at 9pm on Thursday, exhausted after a day of interrogation, and were even more exhausted on Friday morning after having difficulty sleeping, said Krit. Further interrogation is expected.

May 25, 2018 02:37 UTC

The European Union's so-called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on Friday. BRUSSELS: The European Union's new data protection laws came into effect on Friday, with Brussels saying the changes will protect consumers from being like "people naked in an aquarium". The EU's so-called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been blamed for a flood of spam emails and messages in recent weeks as firms rush to request the explicit consent of users to contact them. Britain's data protection watchdog, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), said that its site had experienced "a few interruptions" as the deadline loomed, but said that "everything is working now". EU data law is fresh ammo for Facebook's nemesis.

May 25, 2018 02:15 UTC