FCCI offici­al says busine­ssmen are unable to benefi­t from emergi­ng opport­unitie­sFAISALABAD: Azerbaijan is full of opportunities but due to non-availability of direct flights and without commercial counsellor in Azerbaijan, businessmen are unable to take advantage of the emerging business opportunities, said Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI) Senior Vice President Mian Tanveer Ahmed. He said, “We also discussed various issues to further enhance the bilateral trade between the two countries on a sustained basis.”The senior vice president lamented that flights are available through Dubai, which takes around 10 to 12 hours. He said that in case of direct flights the travelling time would be reduced to only three hours in addition to providing the facility for air cargo. Kyrgyzstan plans direct flights to PakistanHowever, contrary to other Central Asian States, Pakistan had banking links as a branch of National Bank of Pakistan is available there. He urged the government to take measures to start direct flights for Azerbaijan in addition to the appointment of a competent commercial consular.

Source:   The Express Tribune
April 18, 2019 03:56 UTC