Our Special CorrespondentThe accident spot near Unsani crossing on Kona Expressway, close to the Santragachhi rail overbridge; the minibus (below) that police said jumped the signal and rammed into a Matador. (Subham Jyoti) 1Kona Expressway: At least 30 people, including seven women, were injured when the minibus they were on jumped the signal and hit a Matador on Kona Expressway on Thursday. Chief minister Mamata Banerjee was the main speaker at the rally on Mayo Road. Around 3.45 pm, the speeding minibus on the Burdwan-Jamalpur route jumped the signal near Unsani crossing close to the Santragachhi rail overbridge, police quoted witnesses as saying. People of the area took the injured to Howrah State General Hospital.

Source:   The Telegraph
March 08, 2018 21:11 UTC