Libyan Human Rights Solidarity (HRS) issued a report Saturday documenting kidnap and murder cases of political and criminal backgrounds during 2017, based on official and media reports. 744 violence victims across Libya; 78% of whom were civilians. Abductions reached 58% compared to other crimes, then 38% assassination and murder cases, while random gunshots’ victims were 4%, the report says. It adds that east Libya was the top with 58% of the cases, then western Libya with 27% and southern Libya with 15%. “Benghazi registered 144 cases as the top city with half of the cases being assassinations.

March 18, 2018 16:30 UTC

Chairman of the Fuel and Gas Crisis Committee of Brega Oil Marketing Company, Milad Al-Hijrsi, confirmed Saturday that an armed group of fuel smugglers kidnapped two fuel truck drivers in Aqar town near Barak Al-Shati in south Libya, adding that their fate is still unknown. Al-Hijrsi pointed out that the head of Sabha's oil depots, Abdul Qadir Mai, was also attacked by armed groups and smuggling gangs. "Despite the risks, the Committee is determined to deliver fuel to the entire southern region up to the cities of Qatron and Ghat and Tgrhi in the far south," he noted, insisting that there are other trucks waiting to join the fuel transport convoy to the south, in spite of all challenges.

March 18, 2018 15:57 UTC

Interior Minister, Abdel Salam Ashour, attended the international meeting on combating the smuggling of migrants, human trafficking, and related crimes, with the participation of the interior ministers of the countries of origin, transit and destination. The meeting, which was held in Niger's capital, Niamey on Friday, focused on identifying a common strategy to combat illegal immigration and smuggling networks, and to seek appropriate ways and means to combat this phenomenon effectively. Countries taking part in the meeting included the five Sahel states of Niger, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Chad, Mali, Libya, Algeria, Côte D'Ivoire, Guinea and Senegal, as well as France, Italy and Spain, in addition to representatives of the European Union, the African Union and the United Nations.

March 18, 2018 15:00 UTC

FILE: Egypt's Foreign Minister Sameh ShoukryCAIRO - 18 March 2018: Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry and his UAE counterpart Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed have stressed deep ties binding their two countries in various fields.During a joint press conference held at the conclusion of expanded talks between the two sides Sunday, Shoukry said that President Abdel Fattah El Sisi received the UAE foreign minister as the leadership in both countries asserted keenness on promoting bilateral cooperation.He touched upon similar points of view regarding challenges facing the two countries.Shoukry also praised UAE support for Egypt during a critical stage of its history.The meeting with Sheikh Abdullah also took up regional issues, topped by the Arab national security, as well as challenges in Yemen, Syria and Libya.For his part, the UAE foreign minister said his talks with Sisi and Shoukry focused on efforts to enhance bilateral relations and develop work between the two nations to counter challenges.The talks also took up threats posed by Israel, Iran and Turkey, as well as aggression on Arab territories and interference in Arab affairs.

March 18, 2018 14:37 UTC

The Commander of the Central Security Force in the western region, Hammadi Al-Dabbashi, said that his forces managed to free the security personnel and recover the cars that were seized during the tour of the President of the High Council of State, Abdul Rahman Al-Suweihli, to the Western (Nafousa) Mountain. In a statement Saturday, Al-Dabbashi said that the liberation process took place in cooperation with the Security Directorate of Thaher Al-Jabal just hours after the convoy was ambushed near Qawalish village.

March 18, 2018 14:26 UTC

The ministry of health of east-based interim government has rung alarm bells over the high incidents of death and poisoning that occurred from the use of fake black henna, warning of the dangerous chemical substances are being used in this product. The parallel Libyan News Agency reported that Marj Hospital received during February and March six cases in critical conditions as a result of using the black henna. The ministry pointed out that during the past years and until the beginning of March, the number of deaths due to using henna product has increased to 59 cases, in addition to 149 others in a state of intoxication and skin irritation, according to hospital statistics in a number of municipalities in the eastern region. Related News:Bride dies of toxic henna in east LibyaHenna application deaths raise concerns in east Libya

March 18, 2018 13:52 UTC

The five-member Union of Libyan World Heritage Municipalities has called for government measures to protect Libyan sites registered as World Heritage Centres, stressing the need for coordination and coherence between the relevant authorities in this matter. A member of the Union, Abu-ajaila Jaber, said the Union held its 3rd meeting in Sabratha, which included a scientific symposium and several working papers on the protection of archaeological sites presented by the Municipality of Shahhat, Tripoli Antiquities Office and Sabrata Antiquities Office, and in the presence of a number of specialists, professors, and other persons concerned. The Union is made up of municipalities of Al-Khums, Ghat, Ghadames, Shahat, and Sabratha. The archeological sites in these five cities have been placed in the UNESCO list of world heritage in danger since June 2016.

March 18, 2018 12:56 UTC

At least 4500 people have been displaced due to the clashes in the southern Libyan city of Sabha, the Assistant Director of the Health Services Department in the city, Salim Bashir, revealed. Bashir said the IDPs are from more than 300 families and that the Red Crescent Society provided them with assistance and free medical services in its clinics. He added that a local medical team volunteered to vaccinate the children of the displaced families in cooperation with the School Health Office in the city. “The medical team also donated blood pressure and diabetes testing equipment and performed more than 200 medical examinations for the displaced people, some of whom require intensive care.” He further said. Sabha has descended into tribal violence after fierce clashes between Awlad Suleiman tribe represented by the 6th Infantry Brigade and armed groups loyal to Tabu tribe.

March 18, 2018 12:33 UTC

Libya’s eastern-based army arrested 16 al-Qaida-linked foreign militants in the southern city of Kufra as they were trying to infiltrate into the country, said a statement late Saturday. The arrested militants are Syrian and Sudanese fighters involved in the Syrian war, it added. According to the statement, preliminary investigations showed they were flown from Syria to Turkey, and then to Sudan and Libya. Al-Nusra Front is a Syrian terrorist branch of al-Qaeda in Syria and Iraq. In May 2013, the UN Security Council put Al-Nusra Front on the list of international sanctions of al-Qaeda entities and individuals.

March 18, 2018 08:03 UTC

In a discourse with Le Monde, France’s newspaper of record, French President Emmanuel Macron called Mr. Modi tough, very tough. Now, Monsieur Macron, has he visited Libya to take note of what mayhem his country has caused there? Yes, and you, Monsieur Macron, you got 7 million of those. Are Muslims some kind of virus that the Indian PM has to be tough to live with, Monsieur Macron? Yes, Monsieur Macron, Mr. Modi has become more gentle towards Muslims since his skull-cap evasion days, and apparently so, but have you, Monsieur Macron followed his example instead of just commenting on it.

March 18, 2018 04:07 UTC

Spanish humanitarian organization, Proactiva Open Arms, said Friday that Libyan coastguards intercepted their ship as it was trying to rescue immigrants in the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, the Libyan Navy accused the Spanish NGO of "starting a contest with Libyan coastguards to rescue migrants." It also explains that the Libyan coastguards had to depart the area and leave to the Spanish NGO for the safety of the migrants. "Proactiva Open Arms rejected all the orders and instructions of the Libyan Navy, which is the chief of rescue operations as it has arrived first to the rescue area. The Libyan Navy also explained that despite all of what happened, they left the rescue operation to the foreign NGO upon humanitarian grounds.

March 17, 2018 20:48 UTC

Egyptian expatriates queuing in front of Egyptian embassy in Algeria to cast their votes in 2018 presidential election on March 17, 2018 - Press photoEgyptian expatriates queuing in front of Egyptian embassy in Algeria to cast their votes in 2018 presidential election on March 17, 2018 - Press photoEgyptian expatriates queuing in front of Egyptian embassy in Algeria to cast their votes in 2018 presidential election on March 17, 2018 - Press photoEgyptian expatriates queuing in front of Egyptian embassy in Algeria to cast their votes in 2018 presidential election on March 17, 2018 - Press photoCAIRO - 17 March 2018: The turnout of Egyptian expatriates in Algeria was unexpected in the first day of presidential election on Friday to cast their, according Egyptian ambassador to Algeria Amr Abu Aish.The participation of Egyptians in the presidential election was positive despite the wave of the heavy rain that hit Algeria through the past five days, Abu Aish told the state-run news agency MENA on Saturday.Abu Aish added that most of the Egyptian community in Algeria is comprised of employees working in Egyptian companies in the country. Those companies arranged buses to transport the workers to the embassy to cast their votes.Up to 50% of Egyptian expats in Algeria, who work in oil service companies in the southern part of the country, traveled 1,800 kilometers to the capital to participate in the election.Consulates and embassies across the world officially opened their doors Friday at 9 a.m., according to each country’s local time.The Egyptian embassy in New Zealand was the first to open to the electorate, given an 11-hour time difference with Cairo.China, Japan, Russia and Indonesia followed shortly throughout the night. Due to political unrest and a worsening security situation, voting will not take place in Libya, Syria and Yemen.Egyptians at home are due to cast their ballots on March 26-28 in the country's 27 governorates.The Egyptian Foreign Minister’s deputy, Hamdi Loza, previously said that all foreign missions have been provided with electronic scanners so voters’ ID cards and passports can be quickly scanned, noting that the whole expatriate voting process will be monitored by surveillance cameras linked with an operations room at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.He added that the Foreign Affairs Ministry held training courses for committees that will supervise voting abroad under the supervision of the National Elections Authority (NEA), as well as other procedures aimed at facilitating the highest turnout from expats.Loza called on Egyptians abroad to participate in the presidential election, which will begin on March 16 and last for three days.In 2017, the government estimated the number of Egyptians living abroad to be at 9.4 million.The National Election Authority (NEA), headed by counselor Lashen Ibrahim, announced on February 24 the final candidates for Egypt’s upcoming presidential election: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and Moussa Moustafa Moussa, the head of Al-Ghad Party.Sisi showed his intention to run for president during his closing speech at the end of the three-day “Tale of a Homeland” conference, where the president and the Egyptian government presented an overview of the projects and achievements made in different fields during the last four years.On his official Twitter account, Sisi called on the Egyptian people to participate intensively in the upcoming election and give their votes to whomever they see as the most eligible.Sixty million eligible voters will cast their ballots in the election on March 26-28 in Egypt, while expatriates will vote between Friday and March 18 at 139 polling stations located in embassies and consulates across 124 countries, Ibrahim said in a press conference.The primary results of the first round of the election will be announced on March 29, where decisions on appeals submitted by candidates, if any, will be made.The final results of the first round will be announced on April 2.

March 17, 2018 17:15 UTC

Al-Nasser Handball team player Essam Al-Shokri was seriously injured by a random gunshot. Sources close to the team said the player is at the extensive care unit and his health condition is unstable. The player was injured in a party in his residence area in Buhadima. Random gunshots are quite popular nowadays in Benghazi, killing and injuring several people recently.

March 17, 2018 17:03 UTC

The CEO of Italy's energy group Eni, Claudio Descalzi, has announced that the group has a plan to reduce oil production in Libya. During his presentation of the group's plan for the years 2018-2022 in London, he said that Eni’s oil production in Libya will be reduced from 320,000 barrels per day to 200,000 barrels per day. Descalzi noted that it was not possible to start new projects in Libya during the past eight years, adding that Eni has no plans to leave Libya.

March 17, 2018 16:41 UTC

The head of the Antiquities Authority in Tripoli, Mohamed Faraj, said that negotiations are underway with Spanish authorities to restore Libyan artifacts dating back to the Greek era. Faraj told Xinhua on Thursday that negotiations with the Spanish authorities reached advanced stages after the identification of six pieces stolen from the site of the archeological city of Shahhat in the east Libya. Faraj pointed out that these artifacts have unique features and signs that are only found in Libya, adding that the number of pieces expected to be recovered from Spain could reach up to 25 ones after it was first thought to be 11.

March 17, 2018 16:18 UTC