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Woman fined $NT500,000 for official post in China

By Stacy Hsu / Staff reporterThe Ministry of the Interior yesterday issued a NT$500,000 fine to Ling Yu-shih (凌友詩), a Republic of China citizen, for accepting an official position in China. Ling is a citizen with household registration in Taiwan, so the rules still apply to her, the ministry said. The ministry urged Taiwanese to abide by the act and other regulations when engaging in cross-strait exchanges. Mainland Affairs Council Deputy Minister Chiu Chui-cheng (邱垂正) said that the fine could be issued repeatedly if Ling remains a CPPCC member. Under existing laws, only nationals who are found to hold a People’s Republic of China passport or have a household registration in China face revocation of citizenship, he said.

Source: Taipei Times March 15, 2019 15:56 UTC